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Legal Mumbo Jumbo

Posted on Sat Jul 16th, 2022 @ 2:51am by Rear Admiral Tenai Dexu & Rear Admiral Thomas Romanowski

Mission: Episode 3: Conflicts of Interest
Location: Intelligence Director's Office, Starfleet Command
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 1100

The change is rank had already been quite a turnaround the respect level seemed to shift when Tenai came around and it had only been a day. He was sitting in his office looking over the latest intel briefs of the day. It wasn't anything that needed immediate attention. He added the information to his PADD and looked through his itinerary for the day. He grimaced at the appointment to meet the Judge Advocate General because of the upcoming interrogation of the prisoner.

He looked at the time and realized he needed to be on his way. He notified his secretary that he would be away and gave her the usual spiel of what to say. As the secretary was the same person who had been with him as a Deputy Director. HE made his way through the complex to the offices of the JAG and walked in the waiting area. He walked up to the aide "Excuse me, I am here to meet Admiral Romanowski. Tell him it's Admiral Dexu."

Sandra, Thomas's aid, looked up from her work at the tall man she was having trouble placing. He was obviously Trill, the spots running along the side of his face showing behind the hair. She smiled up at him, "Just a moment, sir. he's been on a conference call with the Federation Interstellar Advocates all morning. Follow me." She stood from her desk and rounded it while heading towards the JAG's office. She pressed the chime and waited for a response.

Thomas sat at his desk which was covered in various PADDs and legal texts. He rubbed the bridge of his nose as he sighed. The conference call he had been on all morning had not been an enjoyable one. The counter injunction being filed was being met with heavy resistance by both the Romulans and several other Federation member worlds. He wasn't sure how much time he would be able to buy for Starfleet to finish its investigation. At the sound of the chime, he looked up, "Yes?"

The door opened and Sandra stepped in, "Admiral Dexu asked to see you, sir." She walked over to his desk, collecting his long empty mug of coffee before stepping back out of the office.

Thomas rose from his desk and offered his hand to the new Director of Intelligence. "Admiral Dexu, pleasure to meet you. Congratulations on your appointment, though I wish it was under better circumstances," Thomas said while motioning to the open chair in front of his desk.

Tenai smiled slightly and took a seat after shaking Thomas's hand firmly. "The pleasure is all mine Admiral Romanowski, though I do agree I wish this was under better circumstances. Thank you I never thought I would be the Director, but here we are." Tenai looked at the Admiral with a serious look.

"I have to admit I am entering this investigation rather blind except for the one person who came to question me regarding the incident. I am wanting to see what needs to be done so the interrogation of the suspect is legal. I know Starfleet has had some issues lately in that department and I would like to interrogate him the way I was taught. I want to make sure this is done by the book for the sake of all of us here in Command."

Thomas leaned back in his chair and looked at the man with a raised eyebrow, "Legally speaking Homeworld Security is the primary investigator for this case. The Romulans have declined our offers for a joint investigation and they sought an injunction in the Interstellar courts to prevent us from proceeding. We filed a counter claim since the Federation has standing to conduct an investigation as the protecting power for the embassy, not to mention Federation citizens were also killed." He paused before looking pointedly at Tenai, "I wasn't aware we had a suspect to interrogate at this time?"

Tenai settled back into his chair "Well sounds like you have been dealing with the Romulans locking us out. I am not surprised they don't like the Federation and usually do everything to make sure we don't know the truth. It's not something we were making public immediately, but now that it is a vital part of the investigation. I knew it prudent to inform JAG."

"Well, to keep this above board so to speak, any interrogation must follow Starfleet Regulations. Has he been given the opportunity to retain counsel," Thomas asked.

Tenai shook his head "All indications from the suspect have been shrouded in silence. We have not been able to even see if they want counsel. I know this is a fragile situation and not something we want to mess up so to speak. I have tried to find some information regarding the suspect and someone has made that incredibly difficult."

Thomas gave Tenai an upraised eyebrow. "Just because he is remaining silent doesn't mean that he shouldn't be given the opportunity for counsel, " he said before continuing, "Regarding the suspect's identity, your not able to locate anything?"

Tenai shook his head "There has been no luck or indication in discovering the identity of the suspect." He said looking visibly annoyed at the lack of information of the suspect.

"Well, I can see about obtaining a warrant for a DNA sample if he won't cooperate," he said reaching out and grabbing one of the many PADDs on his desk to make a note. He looked back up at Tenai, "I would like to reiterate that Homeworld Security needs to be the primary on this. Intelligence can observe the interrogation, but not conduct it."

Tenai sighed "As much as I want to conduct it I know it is not my place and I have been following procedures. It's one of the reasons I came to finally introduce myself to you."

"Good good," Thomas said nodding his head before leaning back in his chair again. "Has there been any more chatter about this? I know the Federation Diplomatic Corps has been going nuts over this incident, not to mention the press."

Tenai shifted slightly in his chair "Chatter is always happening no matter how much we try to keep something quiet the information is leaked. We have been trying to not only silence the leaks but to discover where it is coming from. My team has been able to quiet some of the chatter, but there are some I just have no ability to reach. The Diplomatic asked for our help and the press have done nothing but push the public affair for more information." He said as he concluded answering the question.

"Hopefully we can resolve this soon," Thomas said with a sigh before he looked back at the Intelligence chief. "I'm doing my best to keep the Romulans at bay, but I wouldn't put it past them to send in some Tal Shiar to do their own investigating behind the scenes," he said. Thomas knew full well that the Romulan Intelligence service was capable of doing just that.

Tenai nodded "I have had my analyst watching for any reports of possible Tal Shiar agents' movement. I also hope we can get this resolved soon, but the Romulans aren't usually ones to play fair for that matter." Tenai stopped grabbing the PADD he was holding "Here is all the information we have so far. I figured if this is to run smoothly we should all work together." He said with a slight grin.

Thomas accepted the PADD with an upraised eyebrow. While he agreed that if everyone worked together, the investigation would run a lot smoother. But call it professional skepticism, He knew that intel spooks always had a hidden agenda somewhere. During his career, Thomas always took Intel's word with a grain of salt. But this was different. Thomas was the JAG now, and he had to trust that Tenai would keep everything kosher. "I agree, and thank you for this," Thomas said indicating the PADD and giving the man a smile before leaning back in his seat. "Now, why don't you tell me what you didn't show me," Thomas said with an upraised eyebrow letting some humor come through his voice. He knew this meeting would define the two men's working relationship, and he wanted Tenai to know that Thomas would not be one he could fool.

Tenai had to admit Thomas was shrewd, but he appreciated that. “I’ll admit you got me, but unfortunately I can’t show everything it’s part of the job. However I promise to be as transparent with you as possible when it comes to Intel you may need to know about.” Tenai realized this meeting wasn’t just about information, but the relationship between the two men. He could say Thomas wasn’t like most legal people in fact Tenai was coming to like the man because of his honesty.

"I appreciate that, and you have the same commitment from me," Thomas said letting a smile come to his face. His point had been made and received, and Thomas was growing to like the new Intel Chief. His relationship with Tenai's predecessor had been difficult at times, but the current climate dictated a strong relationship between the two. Thomas patted the top of his desk before standing, "Well Admiral, I have to draft a response for the Interstellar Court regarding our injunction filed against the Romulans. Please keep me updated on the status of the interrogation of the suspect, but I'd recommend doing it quick. I can't guarantee how much more time i can buy you," he said as he extended his hand for the man to take.

Tenai smiled and took the handshake “I will make sure do just that! Thank you for your insight and knowledge in the legal part of this situation. If you’ll excuse me I’m going to make preparations for the interrogation. If Intel can help you in anyway let me know.” Tenai stood and departed, though most saw the JAG as the bad guy Tenai didn’t and maybe that would make things easier here on out.

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Rear Admiral Tenai Dexu
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Rear Admiral Thomas Romanowski
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