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Rear Admiral Thomas Romanowski

Name Thomas Jethro Romanowski

Position Judge Advocate General

Rank Rear Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 60

Physical Appearance

Height 5’10”
Weight 165
Hair Color Salt and Pepper grey with patches of white
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Average height, very physically fit considering age. Keeps his hair short and well groomed. Wears a wedding band on his left hand at all times.


Spouse Charlotte Anne Romanowski (nee Dumford)
Children Lieutenant Nathaniel Romanowski - posted aboard USS KRAKOW
Father Joseph Gregory Romanowski
Mother Regina Michelle Romanowski (nee Porter)
Brother(s) none
Sister(s) Mary Angelina Spicer (nee Romanowski)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Thomas has a gruff exterior, but this hides his easygoing nature. While he can have a bit of a temper, he normally stays calm and collected. Thomas spends his off hours reading the small collection of books he has accumulated over the years. Thomas is a formidable attorney and he is passionate for the law. He insists on following procedure and ensures that everyone receives fair and rigorous representation.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Vast knowledge in both Federation and Interstellar law
+ A formidable trial lawyer
+ Leads by example
+ Keeps himself physically fit

- Can have a bit of a temper
Ambitions Thomas hopes to continue his successful legal career and eventually retire with his wife and move back to his native Montana.
Hobbies & Interests Thomas is an avid reader and an accomplished horseman. He also occasionally represents individuals in civil matters before the courts

Personal History Thomas was born on December 12, 2319 in Billings, Montana. His family owns a successful cattle ranch that has been in his family for generations. Thomas is the eldest son of his parents, and from a young age he always strove to do the right thing. His parents encouraged him to attend university, which he did at the University of Wyoming in Laramie. While an undergrad, he attended an recruiting event for the Starfleet JAG corps and decided to apply for the JAG Officer Training course. Once completed his undergraduate degree, he attend Law School at the Baylor Law School in Waco, Texas. Upon completing his coursework and passing the bar exam, he was commissioned as an Ensign in Starfleet and attended the United Federation School of Interstellar Law in San Francisco. After passing the UFP bar exam, he was promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade and began his career in the Starfleet JAG Corps. While attending the UFP School of Interstellar Law, he met the love of his life, Charlotte, and they were married before he graduated. His first duty assignment was as a staff judge advocate aboard Starbase 12. Thomas learned quickly that he was a natural in the courtroom and in his tenure he developed a reputation for being an aggressive and formidable prosecutor as well as a passionate defense counsel. His case record was impressive at the completion of his mandatory service, he chose to make Starfleet a career. His next posting was to Deep Space 3 where he served as the Deputy Chief Legal Counsel. His success at Deep Space 3 was noted by his commanding officer, and he was offered an appointment to the Starfleet Judiciary on Earth where he served as a judge. During his time on Earth, Thomas and his wife welcomed his son, Nathaniel, into the world. Thomas learned that while he was a capable lawyer, the demands of being a judge were not to his liking, and he requested an assignment back to the legal side. He was then posted as the Chief Legal Counsel for the USS CAPE TOWN. Following his tour on the CAPE TOWN, he was assigned as the Chief Judge Advocate for Starbase 32. The Dominion War caused Thomas to remain in his post on Starbase 32 for longer than normal as he dealt with numerous cases involving combat actions from Alliance forces. At the conclusion of the Dominion War, Thomas volunteered to be a member of the defense team for the war crimes trial of the Female Changeling. His request brought about the ire of his colleagues, but Thomas believed that while victorious in the war, it was imperative that the Federation uphold it's values and that the Female Changeling should receive a fair defense. His conduct at the trial earned the respect of many and at the trial's conclusion, he was offered the Deputy Judge Advocate General position at Starfleet Command. Thomas accepted and returned to Earth where he was able to see his son graduate from the Starfleet Academy and begin his career as a Starfleet Officer. Upon the retirement of the Judge Advocate General, Thomas was recommended by the Federation President to the role of Judge Advocate General.
Starfleet or Civil Service Record 2341 - Commissioned an Ensign in Starfleet
2344 - Promoted to Lieutenant JG upon completion of UFP Interstellar Law bar exam
2344 to 2349 - Staff Judge Advocate, Starbase 12
2349 - Promoted to Lieutenant
2349 - opted to remain in Starfleet at completion of mandatory JAG service
2349 - 2355 - Deputy Chief Legal Counsel, Deep Space 3
2352 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
2355 - Appointed to Starfleet JAG Corps Judiciary
2355 - 2361 JAG Trial Judge, Starfleet JAG HQ
2360 - Promoted to Commander
2361 - 2366 Chief Legal Counsel, USS CAPE TOWN
2366 - Promoted to Captain
2366 - 2375 - Chief Judge Advocate, Starbase 32
2375 - Assigned Co-Defense Counsel, Dominion War Crimes Tribunal
2375 - Promoted Rear Admiral (Lower Half)
2375 - 2379 Deputy Judge Advocate General, Starfleet HQ
2379 - Promoted Rear Admiral (Upper Half)
2379 - Present Starfleet Judge Advocate General, Starfleet HQ