Episode 3: Conflicts of Interest

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After a failed assassination attempt against them, Sturnack and Jocelyn Blake have returned from The Fortress: their new romantic entanglement affords no end of wrinkles for the staff to work through as a hungry press pool smells blood in the water. Meanwhile, the Chalvana crisis escalates even as Starfleet continues to investigate the powers behind the Romulan Embassy bombing and the attempt to assassinate the Fleet Admiral.

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Episode 1: Acta Non Verba

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After the passing of Fleet Admiral John McGarry, Starfleet is without a Commander-in-Chief. As a new Fleet Admiral is minted and named to the position, Starfleet Command undergoes a shakeup as retirements open opportunities for others to step into new roles. Meanwhile, the newly established Romulan Embassy opens on Earth, creating more formal diplomatic ties while potentially exposing paradise to new threats foreign and domestic.

Episode 2: 18th and Constitution

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The new Romulan embassy in San Francisco was attacked during its opening ceremony. Key dignitaries have been killed and others are heavily wounded. The emergency chain of command has been activated with Fleet Admiral Sturnack’s hospitalization at Starfleet Medical. Elsewhere trouble is brewing as evidence mounts implicating the Romulan Star Empire in the disaster in the Chalvana system. With one planet crippled by the disaster and a pre-warp civilization utterly wiped out on another urgency is building to identify and address the threat.