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The plan is afoot

Posted on Thu Aug 18th, 2022 @ 1:04am by Rear Admiral Sal Andolini

Mission: Episode 3: Conflicts of Interest
Location: Chicago IL, Billy Goat Tavern
Timeline: Mission Day 3 at 1330

In Chicago, there was a bar under the old Chicago Tribune building, called the Billy Goat tavern, it had been a Chicago legend for centuries. Including one story of a former owner cursing the Northside baseball team the Cubs, because they would not let him bring his pet goat into the games. The fact it took the Cubs decades to win their next world series, put some truth to that story.

Today, it was used as a meeting place, where Sal was putting into action, what was discussed last night in his basement. The secret to this interview is not to give away the farm, but enough to pique her curiosity.

Marinna Pol loved this bar which has centuries of tradition, instead of the glamorous fashion plate, that would be seen in holovids, today she was dressed more casual, to blend in to the bar’s clientele.

She headed over and the usual greetings were exchanged, “Salvatore, I thought once you went to Starfleet you’d forget all about us.”

“Marrina,” Sal laughed, “No chance of that, made my bones in a place like this.” He gestured as beverages were delivered, “It’s on Starfleet’s tab today. Food too.”

“Oh you spoil me.” They talked about family,caught up, Marrina finally looked at him, “Ok out with it, you don’t just bring me out for a beer and a cheeseburger just to catch up.”

“Who says.” Sal tried to play coy, “It’s been a while.”

The look said it all, he raised a hand, “Ok you got me. I’ve got a story and I thought of you. Right now, on background.”


“Marianas trench deep.”

She leaned forward a bit, “You have my interest.”

Sal then began to explain the whole situation. Then sat back, “So, you interested?”

Her eyes narrowed, “I will not do a puff piece, there will be no softball question”

“Don't want one, if I wanted a softball interview I’d just pay the Ferengi News Service the going rate.” Sal paused, “I picked you because you’d be fair, you won’t softball them, but you won’t sharpen the knives.”

“You aren’t shitting me are you?”

“Me..” Sal looked mock offended, “Perish the thought.” Then he chuckled, “Plus, if I was spinning some bullshit you’d know.”

“They know that I can sense lies.”

“Yeah I told them.”

“Good, I’ll make that clear too. “ After a brief pause as she made some notes. “What’s the plan with this interview, beat the tabs.”

“A little.” Sal admitted, “plus I want to get their story out, they deserve a life.”

She nodded then asked one question, “Exclusive?”

“Yep, only person I’ve approached, and if you say yes we’ll no comment anyone, until you publish.”

That sealed the deal. “Ok let me clear it with my editor. Then I’ll stop by later, still making tiramisu?”

“Best in Chicago.”



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