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Rear Admiral Tenai Dexu

Name Tenai Dexu

Position Retired

Rank Rear Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill
Age 50

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 180 lbs
Hair Color Jet Black
Eye Color Dark Blue


Spouse Alanna Mitsopolis
Children N/A
Father Kidor Pros
Mother Diru Pros
Brother(s) N/A
Sister(s) N/A
Other Family Jezu Pros - Uncle

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tenai is an authoritative figure and a veteran in the field of intelligence. He will not talk about operations unless the person is cleared for the information. If someone tries they will be disciplined. A well-built figure who takes excellent care of himself Tenai is not someone to underestimate.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength: His Work Ethic, Temperament, Want to better the Federation

Weakness: Emotional about not remembering his parents
Ambitions No current ambitions as he is in the position he never would have believed he would be in.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies and Pastimes: Building weapons.

Likes: Wine especially with his Fiance, Writing.

Dislikes: People questioning his work and integrity.

Personal History Before Starfleet

Tenai was born on Trillius Prime to Kidor and Diru Pros. He remembers little to nothing about his parents because they died when he was still young. His parents had told his uncle Jezu that in the eventuality of them passing that they would like him to care for and nurture Tenai into something that the family would remember for generations. Tenai, of course, had no idea of this, but he thought of his uncle like his dad since he raised him.
His uncle was part of the Commission, because of this, his uncle urged him to work towards being an initiate. However, Tenai had no idea of the promise Jezu had made to his parents. Tenai worked hard heading towards being joined, however, in the process he came to find a love for Intelligence that he didn’t know he had. He realized this when he began to dig into the files to find out more about his family, including his parents’ past, because his uncle never talked about it. Tenai learned he had what seemed to be a natural talent in digging through useless files and finding pertinent information. He learned his parents had been involved with the Federation for some secret reason. Secret only because of Starfleet’s extensive Intelligence Division. He decided that he would continue his family’s contribution in the Federation in the best way he knew he could. He made a deal with his uncle that if he was joined his uncle had to let him enroll in Starfleet so that he could continue to make his family proud. To his surprise, his uncle loved the idea and continued to help him learn what he could before his initiation was completed. Tenai later found out his uncle knew all along and realized he needed to tell Tenai his parents were Intelligence Agents for Starfleet. This further influenced Tenai in his decision to join Starfleet.
Tenai was accepted as an initiate and began the long and arduous process. His Field Docent was not an easy Trill to get along with. They pushed him to every breaking point they could, however, Tenai knew that it was part of the test, so he pushed through and continued to go above and beyond in every situation he was put through. When he had finished, he was worried he had not passed the results took longer than expected, but to his surprise, he had been accepted and was soon given the Dexu symbiont. He was also made a Field Docent for his exceptional evaluation. One of the youngest ever commissioned.
Starfleet Enlistment

Tenai studied hard for the Entrance Exam. When he felt he was ready for the exam he contacted the Federation Embassy about when the next test would be. He found out the test would be the next week. He began to get nervous as the date drew closer, but he continued to study. The day of the test came, and the exam began though most parts he had expected the psych test was beyond what he expected, however, at a young age he had learned to overcome his fear. He passed the test with one of the highest scores recorded on Trill, but he knew being prideful was one of the worst things to be. He humbly took the news and though excited did not brag about his achievements.
He was enrolled in the Academy the following year and began the process to become an officer. The next four years showed him what parts of himself he needed to improve on, as well as, what he excelled in. He was part of a Confidential Intelligence mission while still being a Cadet in which he proved himself to the Division, though the experience alone had shown him why he enjoyed Intelligence.
He continued to excel though at times he questioned the classes due to his symbiont having a former Starfleet member. He pushed through making his way to graduation and becoming an Ensign. His uncle was there to see him graduate, though he passed the next week.


Though he was stricken with grief Tenai pushed through and made it to his first assignment, though he was disappointed to not be on a ship he realized he could have just as much importance on a Starbase. He met his future wife in the first few years of being on the station. She was an art critic, and it was that cliché saying of ‘Love at first sight.’

Alanna Mitsopolis soon became Tenai’s fiancée, and all seemed right with the world. Soon after Tenai was assigned. After being promoted to Lieutenant Tenai was asked to join Starfleet Command in gathering information about possible Cardassian threats that could be emerging. Tenai was an exceptional analyst, and his superiors were impressed by his work. He had been asked to determine if the Cardassians currently posed a threat to the Federation. Tenai spent many hours combing through information coming to the distinct point that Starfleet had a traitor in Command and they were leaking information to the Cardassians as well as other enemies of the Federation. From the reports and the exceptional information Tenai was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and made a Lead Intelligence Analyst.
He was transferred to a space station and tasked with gathering and sorting mundane intelligence that no one had been able to decipher. He along with the team under him made relatively short work in the task though with some unexpected hurdles he had to recommend some of his analyst for retraining. He himself decided to retrain to resharpen his skills and learn the new information that had been implemented since his training.
Over the next five years he had worked to make sure all the intelligence in the sector was sorted and from the work he had preformed he was asked to go undercover again. As he had many years’ experience in the field, he was put in a position to gather intel on species the Federation had been watching. Leading the team, Tenai showed a resilience in his field that most never had. His love for his position propelled him through his ranks and made him well known to the higher echelons, though some of his methods weren’t always the most approved.
After another three years overseeing, Tenai was promoted to Commander and asked to be the head of Intelligence at a Starbase near the Klingon border. Tenai and Alanna got married before he took the position, though they had never really thought anything of not being official as they always felt official. Tenai was happy with his life though he had been asked to be a docent on one or two occasions. He had turned it down, though the Federation would allow him to do it if needed. Tenai finally relented and was a docent for a new Starfleet Ensign that came to his base and juggled his position and the job of determining if the Ensign was worth of being joined. Tenai and the Ensign became friends and after some time Tenai became the Ensigns mentor. Tenai handled the intelligence coming in and out of the sector bringing in some of the best intel that had been intercepted in Klingon space. For the work he did he was promoted to Captain and made the head of the sector intelligence but was based on a Deep Space station.
Tall shoes to fill, but Tenai jumped in eager and willing. The Ensign he mentored became his yeoman and helped to keep things for Tenai. He was appointed to manage not only the information, but the team used to make sure the intelligence could be properly decrypted and sent to Starfleet Command for proper dissemination. With the new position Tenai traveled to Starfleet Command on many occasions to help update the Director regarding the information found. His hard work was noticed, and he was asked to come to Starfleet Command with an increase of rank to Commodore and asked to become the Deputy Director of Intelligence. The job meant moving back to San Francisco which Alanna loved so she could go back to her profession easier.
Over the next eight years Tenai learned the ins and outs of the politics and issues that the office of the Director faced. His attention to detail and want to help the Director at that time not only awarded him with multiple opportunities but whispered a want for change in the office. Which occurred when he was approached to become the Director of Intelligence. In all his years he had never expected to be where he was and the ability to have this position was one that honored Tenai in ways most could never understand.
He was promoted to Rear Admiral and given the position of Director with privileges and permissions within. Alanna had pushed him to do the best he could, and her pride was high when she found out he was offered the position. Tenai wasn’t quite sure what he would be doing, but he knew it would be for the sake of the Federation and her allies.

Former Dexu Host:

Nobem: A merchant that stayed on Trill. Though he had the ability to travel he loved home and stayed there. He was the calmest of the Dexu host.

Neboss: A scoundrel for all intents and purposes of the word. Neboss traveled the galaxy wanting to do all he could out of life. He was a player and used that to gain leverage with many partners. His demeanor gives the Dexu host their confidence.

Janu: The first and only female in the Dexu host she was a diplomat to Federation from the Trill society and helped to bridge the understanding of some of the more intense parts of the culture. Janu was hot headed and spoke her mind, which gives an authoritative aura around Tenai.

Vraage: A member of Starfleet Vraage was a Commander and Chief of Security on the USS Revelation, whicb Vraage served until his death from an away mission. Vraage was a lover of art and music and helped Tenai in his relationship with Alanna.

Cahjan: The final of the Dexu host and the most cunning Cahjun was a contracted killer, which gave the Dexu host a bit of a worrysome nature due to the work of Cahjan, regardless of this Tenai does not show these traits.