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Blake appointed Press Secretary -- Starfleet advisors raise alarm

Posted on Sat Jan 9th, 2021 @ 12:47am by Captain Jocelyn Blake
Edited on Fri Aug 20th, 2021 @ 4:31am

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Blake appointed Press Secretary -- Starfleet advisors raise alarm

By: Reesa Muckraker

Disgraced journalist Jocelyn Blake, best known for her expose of the fictitious coup purported to have been enacted by Admiral Leyton in 2372, has had a recent turn of luck. Whether through cronyism, nepotism, or some exchange of favors Blake finds herself positioned in the recently vacated post of Press Secretary to the Commander in Chief of Starfleet, complete with a two rank jump.

Although things may seem to be looking up for Blake one has to ask what could inspire such an unexpected choice by Fleet Admiral Sturnack. Sources close to the Fleet Admiral report that Blake was appointed to the role against the strong discouragement of senior advisors. Newly minted CinCs rarely move so strongly against advisors and it seems that FAdm Sturnack may be trying to make a statement, although what that could be it is hard to say.

Blake, unable to adequately address questions about her appointment, referred to “recommendations from several trusted advisors” rather than provide the citizens of the United Federation of Planets a clear answer to concerns raised about her fitness for the job. Her intent to dodge the question was clear and one source indicates that she regularly returned to the office formerly occupied by Admiral Truman and expressed her frustration throughout the day, believing those on the other side of the doors were unable to hear her. One staffer suggested she may have been crying, a definite sign that she has already fallen woefully short of the job on her first day in the role.

Some members of the press have postulated that Blake, through her years as PR representative for Starfleet R&D, has some dirt on the new head of Starfleet which she has used to lay claim to a position traditionally reserved for those with unblemished records for truthful and unbiased reporting.

This publication has previously expressed concerns about the Fleet Admiral’s ability to fully bring to bear the Vulcan logic for which his race is known, citing his absence from Starfleet for numerous decades in the middle of his career as evidence of this inability to follow through on a path to its logical conclusion.

Is Blake a symptom of a sincere lack of judgment or a rogue entity whose willingness to report things as she sees fit is only surpassed by her ambition? Time will soon tell, but this publication will be following the new Press Secretary closely and intends to get to the bottom of this question.


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