Press Release - April 10, 2373 - Attempted Coup within the United Federation of Planets

Posted on Mon Jan 4th, 2021 @ 4:09pm by Captain Jocelyn Blake


April 10, 2373
Office of Public Relations
Starfleet Academy
By: Lieutenant Commander Jocelyn Blake

On November 8, 2372, former Vice Admiral James Leyton, in an unprecedented overreach of Starfleet’s powers, was prevented from completing a military takeover of Earth, the machinations of which he had set in place several months prior. Leyton’s goal, predicated on the belief that Changelings pose a significant threat to Starfleet and the Federation in the highest ranks of these respective organizations, was to wrest power from Federation President Jaresh-Inyo via military coup.

President Jaresh-Inyo had previously declined to act upon recommendations from former Admiral Leyton related to sweeping security measures designed to detect Changelings posing as those in high positions of power. His recommendations were deemed an invasion of Federation citizens’ rights and privacy. In a transcript of the meeting in question, obtained by this office, Jaresh-Inyo referred to Leyton’s recommendations as “extreme.” and “dictatorial.”

Captain Benjamin Sisko, Commanding Officer of the Deep Space 9 space station, was embroiled in the scandal by association, but was able to foil the former Admiral’s plans when Captain Benteen, of the USS Lakota, refused to follow former Admiral Leyton’s orders to intercept Sisko’s vessel carrying evidence of his attempted mutiny to the Federation on Earth.

Little has been made of Admiral Leyton’s resignation, but the Federation has long refused to sit back and accept xenophobic view points among its members, officers, and leadership. When asked for comment Starfleet not only indicated a refusal to reply, but also requested this series of events be kept from the press -- a step in the direction of former Admiral Leyton’s willingness to remove personal liberties from Federation citizens.