Raptor's Flight

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Mission: Episode 3: Conflicts of Interest
Timeline: Mission Day 1 at 0000

[Bridge, Romulan Warbird Grindore]
[A Few Days Ago...]

Sub Commander Paltek stood from his command seat and peered around his bridge."Status." He called from his elevated perch. His eyes now trained on the forward viewer. The image displayed Romulus below them, the day barely starting. It was a breathtaking sight to be sure, one that Paltek never grew tired of seeing. He hoped that to one day share the view with his children and grandchildren, so that for generations to come his family would know the beauty of their homeward firsthand.

"Ambassador S’Ranya is prepeared to board. Her cargo is being loaded." A Centurion called from his station at the fore section of the bridge. "We should be ready to depart within the next 15 minutes sir."

"Orbital Control signals clear to depart as soon as we are ready sir." A female Romulan called from an aft station, her voice was heavy with a thick Northern accent..

"Outstanding." The Sub Commander said. “I suppose I should go welcome the Ambassador.” He had read the Ambassador's dossier, and was eager to find out what was the truth of her character. "Carry on." He said, crossing to where the lift was. The doors hissed open and he stepped inside. Now alone, Paltek closed his eyes and took a deep breath, silently hoping that the rumblings about S'Ranya were exaggeration and fairytale.

[Transporter Chamber, Romulan Warbird Grindore]

The sensation of the transporter was in no way new to her, yet it always took the Ambassador by surprise.The warmth of the transporter beam enveloping S’Ranya faded as quickly as it had come. She was left standing on the platform flanked by her personal assistant, Undersecretary D’Darra and her Security Officer, Major Reilan.

The Ship's Commanding Officer stepped forward, his hands grasped behind his back. “Welcome aboard the Grindore Ma'am." He allowed his mouth to pull into a welcoming smile. "I am Sub Commander Paltek. We are pleased to have the honour of escorting you to Earth, Ambassador.”

The older woman stepped down from the transporter platform. She wore a smokey grey skirt suit, with a deep purple blouse. The heels of her shoes clicked as she descended the few steps to meet the Sub Commander. She did not, however, stop at him to accept his greeting. She instead, carried on past him, her party in tow. “Yes, yes.” She said with a dismissive wave of her hand. “Let’s get moving, shall we?” The Ambassador had made her way to the door.

Paltek was taken aback. He wasn't certain whether this slight was directed entirely at him or whether it was indirectly a slight to Praetrix Donatra. “Yes ma’am, may I show you to your quarters?" He followed the trio into the corridor.

“I think we are capable of finding them without assistance.” S’Ranya said, her voice sounded annoyed now.She turned a faced the Sub Commander. In her heels they stood eye to eye. She lifted a manicured hand and patted his on the cheek. To any onlooker it might look tender, but to Paltek, the cold of her rings sent a shiver down his spine. “You just focus on getting the ship where I need to be.” She smiled, and turned away from him.

“As... as you wish,” The Sub Commander stammered. He came to attention as the Ambassador led her companions past him and down the corridor to the lift.

Major Reilan stopped and turned back to face the Sub Commander. His uniform was that of a Tal Shiar officer, and was pristine in its condition. “The Ambassador would appreciate," He began, his voice sounding confident and even, "If you and your crew would not disturb her. " He smiled and impossibly white smile. "Overly eager officers give her migraines.” Reilan was a handsome man, his eye glistened like the waters of the Apex Sea. "Better hop to Sub Commander, we need to get underway." The Major turned and continued in the direction taken by the Ambassador.

[Bridge, Romulan Warbird Grindore]

Sub Commander Paltek looked positively shaken as he returned to the Bridge. “Report.” He called, a hint of annoyance at the situation with the Ambassador lacing his voice.

"We are loaded sir." Came the Centurion's voice.

"Clear all moorings." Paltek commanded, standing in the middle of the Bridge.

"Moorings cleared." Came an unplaced voice in response as Paltek resumed his command seat.

"Set course to Earth." The Sub Commander called out, his eyes once again trained on the image of Romulus. He could only hope that he would see it again soon. "Activate cloak, and engage at Propulsion Factor Six." Sub Commander Paltek stood as quickly as he sat. "I will be in the Ward Room. Alert me if there are any issues, otherwise let me know when we've arrived."

[Guest Quarters, Romulan Warbird Grindore]

Meanwhile, several decks below the ship's command centre, S’Ranya entered the sparse cabin afforded to her for the journey, D'Darra followed close behind. The Ambassador's eyes narrowed. "I had no idea we would have this type of luxury aboard." She spoke sarcastically.

D’Darra winced at the jab. Fearing blame would fall to her for not ensuring something better. Major Reilan entered the room and looked around.

Lowering herself into a hard looking chair situated below the rooms only porthole, S’Ranya let out a sigh of relief. "Well we certainly have outdone ourselves." She mumbled trying to get comfortable. She watched as Reilan placed a case on a small table and began to unpack a number of data pads.

A small chirp came from D’Darra’s bag. She reached in, producing a handheld communicator. The stout Romulan woman held it to her ear. A moment passed and she closed it and replaced in her bag. "The Bridge informs me that we are underway now."

Suppressing a yawn, the Ambassador said groggily, "Wake me for in two hours will you?" Her eyes scanned the spartan room for what the Galae would classify as a bed. "I'm afraid Sub Commander Paltek has given me a migraine."

She looked back at Reilan. "I'll read those when I wake," She said moving towards the cot tucked away in the corner. "Inform the Sub Commander we will require the Wardroom, and no one will be permitted inside until we are done."

S'Ranya lowered herself onto the cot and stretched out. "No longer than two hours D'Darra." She ordered, turning her back to the rest of the room and hoping she would able to rest.

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