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Name S'Ranya Mirok

Position Federation Ambassadors

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Romulan
Age 102

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9"
Weight 137LBS
Hair Color Chestnut Red
Eye Color Deep Blue
Physical Description S'Ranya is an elegant looking woman. Her red-brown hair is kept longer than the traditional Romulan bob, however she usually wears it off her face.

To accentuate her deep blue eyes, she keeps her makeup minimized.

S'Ranya is fashion forward and enjoys clothing styles ranging from sleek and tailored to flowing and draped, and doesn't discriminate cultral influences.


Spouse Commander Perdem (Deceased)
Children Herxce (Deceased)
Lenarra (Deceased)
Hiren (Deceased)
Father Admiral Moras (Deceased)
Mother Kelmara (Deceased)

Personality & Traits

General Overview S'Ranya is a fiercely loyal woman. She seriously devoted to her work, and prioritizes work over all else.
She has been known to be quite candid, and at times it can be construed as rude.
Strengths & Weaknesses +Loyal

Ambitions To serve the Empire in any capacity for the rest of her days.
Hobbies & Interests S'Ranya has a keen interest in he alcohols of the Alpha and Beta Quadrants. She has a vast collection of fine and rare drinks.

She is also quite proficient with languages, having mastered not only Rihannsu but also Federation Standard, Ferengi, Vulcan, Klingon, Bajoran, Gorn and Conversational Cardassian.

Personal History S'Ranya was born to Moras and Kelmara, in the city of Ki baratan on Romulus.Her mother died shortly after her birth,a nd as a result she was raised by her father and a slew of nannies.S'Ranya's father was the son of the Director of the Imperial War College, and he himself was a Commander in the Romulan Galae. That said, she was brought up in a very militaristic environment contributing in large to her strategic mind.

Her schooling was mostly in preparation for a career in the military. She did her mandatory service in the Galae's Intelligence arm, working closely with the Senate.This work prompted her continued schooling and her decision to pursue a career in politics. Despite not coming from political stock, her military connections made a transition accessible to her.

During her nearly 20 years working with the Senate, S'Ranya met Perdem. He was a sentry for the Senate. The two began a romance that would eventually lead to their marriage.She and Perdem were blessed with three children. Hercxe , Hiren, and Lenarra led happy childhoods in one of the stately homes afforded to the House of Mirok. S'Ranya doted on them, and was deeply distraught when Hercxe was stricken with a mysterious sickness and passed away suddenly at age 9.

Perdem rejoined the regular force of the Galae following his children's births and was given command of a ship by his wife's father, and almost immediately went to battle for the Empire. His father in law, S'Ranya's father, Moras joined his flotilla aboard his flagship as they flew into a short lived war with a small faction of Klingons. The war was won, but both Moras and Perdem perished.

S'Ranya tried not to dwell on this emotional blow,and found solice in caring for her two remaining children. Her career took a slow dip as she took time to mourn, eventually taking a complete sebatical from her work.

S'Ranya was once more stricken with loss, when Lenarra now a blossoming young woman of Twenty Three ( Earth years)took a man to marry. Their wedding was a huge event, with celebrations taking place among the joining houses. It was at the wedding feast that S'Ranya planned to officially announce her return to politics to her children, until Lenarra and her intended were poisoned at the celebration banquet, an act thought to be the work of political adversaries.

With her close family dwindling in numbers, S'Ranya made every effort to ensure the safely of her and her remaining son Hiren.
As a young man Hiren had dreamed of joining the Galae to serve just as his father and grandfather had. S'Ranya was understandably weary, but eventually deduced it may be the safest route for him to take.

With her son's transition to military life moving along well, S'Ranya made the slow return to working life in the office of External Affairs.
She soon found herself serving the Empire as an Ambassador. The life of diplomacy was a change for S'Ranya, and a welcome one especially as she neared 60. She found that working with different cultures gave her the opportunities to learn new customs and dabble in anthropological research.

While assigned to the Gorn Homeworld, S'Ranya learned of a shuttle accident that took place during routine fleet exercises at the Imperial War College. The information was in her daily dossier from the Romulan Senate. The personal effect of this catastophe wouldn't be revealed for 3 days as the list of casualties was released by the College. That being that her last son had perished in the disaster, leaving S'Ranya effectively alone in the universe.

S'Ranya threw herself into her work, displaying no signs that anything was awry. She became even more dutiful, and committed to her work on behalf of all Romulans.

Following 5 years with the Gorn, S'Ranya was recalled to Romulus and subsequently reassigned to Cardassian Prime where she served for 10 years. She referred to Cardassia as a 'Dusty Ball' and often lamented about a lack of culture, art, and history. During the decade she spent on the planet, she had a romantic relationship with a Cardassian man who was assigned as a liaison from Cardassian Central command. This relationship ended when she was reassigned to Klingon Empire.

In her capacity as Ambassador to the Klingon Empire, S'Ranya was forced to work with a race whom she blamed for the death of her Husband and her Father. She took a while to settle on the planet and even longer to become comfortable working with Klingons. She bonded with an attache to the Chancellor over a love of alien alcohols and formed an unlikely, but close, friendship.

After 5 years there, she spent the next 20 years in a number of short lived assignments both on her homeworld and abroad. That is until she was given word that she was being relocated to Earth.

Starfleet or Civil Service Record Mandatory Military Service, Intelligence Operations-Imperial Senate

Section Representative, Imperial Senate

Advisor, Imperial Senate

Observer, Imperial Galae


Advisor(External Affairs), Imperial Senate

Ambassador, Gornar

Ambassador, Cardassia Prime

Ambassador, Qo'noS


Ambassador, Earth (Federation)