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Set Into Motion

Posted on Wed Apr 5th, 2023 @ 11:25pm by Rear Admiral Akkar Zuul [Rune] & Fleet Admiral Sturnack & Rear Admiral Tenai Dexu
Edited on on Sat May 27th, 2023 @ 11:33am

Mission: Episode 3: Conflicts of Interest
Location: Interrogation Suite 2
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 1300

[Interrogation Suite 2]
[SFC Complex]
[MD 2: 1300 Hours]

Fury burned in his gut as he stood behind the observation window, Rear Admiral Akkar Zuul barely contained his desired to leave this secret room and barge into the interrogation room to pummel their captive, a human male who seemed calm and laid back.

It further tested his resolve to keep his civility as the captive held his head high like he had no care in the world and seemed to know he was being watched, as he had glanced over a few times. Though only once had the captive managed to guess Akkar place but he'd never actually know considering all things it was quite obvious to anyone inside with a large mirror taking up an entire wall.

2 human security guards stood in opposite corners of the room ready to jump into action on a moment's notice. One of them seemed tenser then the other, maybe the other was better at hiding their nerves, Akkar was glad the guards still treated the prisoner with utmost caution as he is still dangerous. They didn't have any weapons to help prevent the captive from gaining any advantages.

Darryl Sutherland -- handcuffed and chained to the table -- took a long drag from his cigarette. It was replicated, of course. The real tobacco he'd grown at the compound was far from San Francisco and the guards wouldn't be bothered into fetching any. But they did want to know what he knew and, for that, they were willing to replicate a pack for him. Holding the smoke in his lungs, Darryl enjoyed the sensation of the smoking if not its replicated-nicotine authenticity. He expelled the air in a cloud, enjoying the sight of the interrogator trying to blow the smoke away with his hands.

It'd been hours of this already. Question after question after question. At first, Darryl had been too damned angry to answer. It wasn't until his captors agreed to coffee and a smoke that he calmed down and squarely thought about whether or not he should be forthcoming. They already knew a lot, anyway. Like about the compound...with modern day facial recognition, you couldn't take a piss somewhere public without being captured by who knew how many cameras. And even though Darryl and his friends lived off the grid, using a transporter still meant leaving a trace somewhere. Starfleet had already tracked him back to where he'd come from simply by seeing his face and doing some simple checking.

He hadn't meant to be caught, of course. He'd fucked up royally there but Darryl was, at least, confident that his companions knew he'd been picked up by now. They would have scrambled two days ago and vacated the compound Starfleet had no doubt already raided. So why not crow a little about how close they'd come? Why not take credit where credit was due? Keeping his mouth shut would earn him little freedom -- not that much would come his way -- but at least if he confirmed some of what they already knew and gave them a little bit more, he might get sent to a cushy penal colony instead of some hard, secret prison Darryl knew they must have somewhere.

"Fine," Darryl finally said, the word distorted as it formed in a mouth open enough to expel another cloud of smoke. His eyes stared not at the large mirror or the interrogator but at the lit end of his cigarette. The paper was burning down as he rolled the cigarette between his thumb and forefinger, the ash building up at the end. The line where the fire burned the paper was slowly approaching his hand but no matter: plenty of drags left before he'd have to put it out. "What, exactly, do you fuckers want to know?" he asked, taking another long drag and leveling his eyes with the Commander sitting in front of him.

Well that was a stupid question, Commander Ruka Maron thought as she eyed the scum in front of her. She smiled. "Hideout locations, names of all who are involved, oh and whoever is the leader of all this." Ruka stated calmly. "It will be remarkable if you remain unscathed should you provide false information."

Was torture authorized? Akkar wondered as he watched from behind the mirror wall. It would be Intelligence who'd be involved in that though Homeworld Security had their own interrogators. He wondered where the Director of Intelligence was, they should be here by now.

Tenai looked at his chronometer watch seeing he was late for the interrogation, though he couldn't help this interruption, as one of his analysts had wanted to discuss some ideas for new programs in tracking. He had just finished up and was rushing for the Interrogation Suite knowing he was hours late. He approached the observation area and quietly walked in. He saw Akkar there watching "Apologies something unexpected came up, but I am here has he said anything?"

Meanwhile, back in the interview room, Darryl sat back in his seat and considered the Commander, smoke curling in front of his face. "Remain unscathed? Lady, you ain't gotta torture me. They're long gone anyway, so I'll tell you what you want to know," he said, taking another pull from his cigarette. "Keep threatening me, though, and my willingness to tell you anything goes right out that there window," Darryl sneered, pointing at the window in question. "Do we have an understanding? Or am I going back to my cell without saying another god damn word?" There was steel in the man's eyes: he clearly meant what he was saying. The promise of force would only set back the exchange of information.

Ruka grabbed the cigarette out of the man's hand and took an inhale from it then gently blew it out at the capture. "What do you like about these things?" She asked curious as to why such a practice was long gone, though there were still some occasionally seen doing it. Ruka didn't get it.

She held onto the cigarette as she watched the end of it slowly burn. "Either way is fine with me while you are in Homeworld Security's custody. However Starfleet Intelligence may wish to learn more and I wanted to let you know that you may be in for more."

"Now, please do tell me all about your little group?" She asked as she offered back the cigarette.

Meanwhile, back behind the mirror wall Akkar turned to face Director Dexu. "That is the story of a Director's life Admiral, an endless stream of 'something came up'." He laughed as his own experience since becoming Director of Homeworld Security had been the same style of interruptions and the unexpected alongside the planned meetings and activities.

"He is about to tell us," Akkar added a moment later.

Darryl watched with interest as the woman took his cigarette from him and puffed on it. He was surprised she didn't cough, though thought perhaps she'd tried it before at some point. The man took another cigarette from the replicated pack, broke off the filtered end, and then put it to his lips. Inhaling as he used the lighter provided him, he smiled as a thick cloud of smoke curled around his face. "Them boys at Starfleet Intelligence can do whatever they want. It ain't gonna change anything I'm about to tell you."

With a quick cough into his hand, Darryl felt the sludge in his chest slightly loosen: the price he paid for a nasty habit. He'd cough it up later, choosing instead to deliver on his promise of information. Something about the way the interrogator was smoking with him made Darryl want to open up even more. "Blighton in Utah. Small town in the middle of nowhere but you'll find it on your maps sure as shit. In fact, if you can get me one, I'll mark exactly where our compound is. We had about thirty people operating out of there, including the Overseer. She was the one outfitting us with tech," he coughed into his hand again, then took another drag.

Tenai immediately took note of the information that had been given. This Overseer he had heard about but had no information regarding her. He now knew she was a female and she had others in the area helping her. Looking at Akkar. "It looks like something is coming of this."

In the Interrogation room Ruka frowned. "Why do you do this to yourself?" She indicated the cigarette in her hand. It really concerned her that it seemed the practice survived the centuries.

Though she smiled a moment later. "I shall get you a map, Blighton in Utah." Ruka repeated to make sure she recalled it afterwards. Who knows the Admiralty might send her to investigate the compound, so she stood and nodded. "You can tell me why you use these when I return." She said and wiggled her fingers that had his former cigarette between.

She exited the room and entered the one behind the mirror. "Admirals," she greeted.

"Commander, you need a map?" Akkar asked with a smile and offered her a large padd.

"I do sir, thank you." Ruka accepted the padd and turned to the Director of Starfleet Intelligence. "May I ask what you plan to do with him Admiral?"

Tenai had not been ready to answer that question. He was still trying to determine what to do as he listened and he knew he had to walk a fine line in his decisions, especially with this one." He shook his head. "Honestly, we need to figure some things out. Your people," his gaze included Admiral Zuul, "have done well in getting us this far. My recommendation would be to let Intelligence have him. We'll see if we can get anything different out of him. Meanwhile, we should probably send a joint team of Homeworld Sec and Intel to raid this compound. He may think it's empty," Dexu said, "but in my experience, overconfidence usually leads to folly. They may have left something helpful behind."

Akkar brought his hand up to stroke his chin and he realised he should shave soon. "Once we have the location," at this point Ruka had left to grab a padd that would have maps on it and would be returning soon, "of the compound I believe we probably won't get anymore out of him so sure Intelligence can have him." He eyed Darryl for a moment. "Though I suggest you move him as secretly, who knows if his fellows may be planning on freeing him."

He turned to face Tenai. "I'll have Commander Maron prepare and lead an assault team and have them meet up with yours." As if on queue Ruka entered the room with Darryl, offered him the padd. "We should have a runabout monitor from above as well to run some deep scans. What do you think Admiral?"

Dexu reviewed the PADD for several long moments and then nodded. "This works for me. I believe it's time we paid these good people a visit," the Admiral said, determination glinting in his eyes. "As for him," the Trill looked beyond the pane of one-way glass, "we're going to be spending some quality time with him on my side of things. But of course, we'll keep you in the loop on anything else we get from him," he said, turning to Admiral Zuul. "Much appreciation for your help, Admiral."

And with that, the plan was set and things went into motion...

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Rear Admiral Tenai Dexu (NPC'd by Brad)
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Rear Admiral Akkar Zuul (NPC'd by Rune)
Director, Homeworld Security


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