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A Meeting Changing Everything

Posted on Sun May 22nd, 2022 @ 8:56pm by Rear Admiral Tenai Dexu & Fleet Admiral Sturnack & Commander Marlena Glenn

Mission: Episode 3: Conflicts of Interest
Location: Deputy Intelligence Director's Office, Starfleet Command
Timeline: Mission Day 2 at 0945

[Deputy Intelligence Director's Office]
[Starfleet Command Complex]
[MD 2: 0945 Hours]

Tenai had come into the office to the usual caseload, but since the death of the Director he had been working double time. The reports coming in were highly classified yet the branch directors had been just placing them on the desk. Tenai sighed and sat down behind his desk looking out the window behind him at the beautiful skyline, before turning to begin his reports.

He was about to start when he heard the chirp from his PADD, upon looking it was from the Commander In Chiefs aide-de-camp. It was asking him to come to the CinC’s office. He immediately got up and headed for the office. He was already behind and now his reports were not important at the current time.

After a small walk he arrived at the office entrance and sighed making sure his uniform was straight. He entered the room smiling.

“Hello I am here to see the Commander in Chief per a request.” He said to the aide sitting at the desk.

"Hello indeed," came back a cheerful voice. "Commander Marlena Glenn, sir: Fleet Admiral Sturnack's aide-de-camp. Thanks so much for coming up on short notice," she said, raising up from her desk -- stationed outside the double glass door's of the CinC's office -- and extending her hand in greeting. "The Admiral asked me to call you up to discuss the future of your department. We were all very saddened by Admiral Ris' passing. I'm sorry," she nodded, knowing Dexu had worked with the man for a number of years.

Tenai frowned slightly “I had tried not to think about it, but thank you. In a way it is still a shock to me. I do appreciate that condolences though.” He said with a slight smile. His times in the CinC’s office was rare because the Director usually was present. He had met the CinC once or twice so he kind of knew what to expect.

"Of course," Marlena nodded. "Well, the CinC was just finishing up a call a few minutes ago. Let me poke my head in and see if he's ready for you?" With a smile, she turned, gently opening one side of the double doors and sliding into the room beyond. She was gone for several long moments before her head popped out of the doors again, a waving hand accompanying her sudden reappearance. "Come on in, Admiral. He'll see you now." And with that, the doors swung all the way open to admit Dexu.

As the Admiral entered, the room opened up before him. There was a central, carpeted sitting area with a coffee table and several chintz arm chairs surrounding it. At the back -- set against the dramatic San Franciscan skyline visible through a room-spanning picture window -- was the CinC's desk, fashioned out of old mahogany that, despite being hundreds of years old, looked almost brand new. It was behind this desk that Sturnack sat, poking at a PADD with a stylus.

As Marlena led Dexu into the room, the Fleet Admiral laid down the PADD and rose, extending a hand in the human style of greeting as he came around his desk. "Commodore Dexu," Sturnack intoned. "Thank you for coming. I realize the notice is short but I wanted to speak with you on a rather urgent matter. Please," he gestured to one of the arm chairs, taking one for himself, "have a seat. Can Marlena get you anything to drink? I'll have a Tarkalean tea, please," he nodded to his adjutant.

"No problem, sir," Marlena smiled softly before looking back to Dexu expectantly.

Tenai entered the office and professionally shook the hand of the CinC before having a seat. “It is understandable with everything that has occurred, Sir! I am here to help in whatever way is possible.” He looked at the aide “I will take a raktajino please.” He said with a smile before looking back at the Fleet Admiral.

"Coffee, tea, or me," Marlena smirked, harkening back to a phrase once used by Airline stewards. With that, she was away, heading out into the anteroom to procure the requested beverages.

"Your desire to help is appreciated, Commodore," Sturnack said from his chair, watching his aide go before eyeing the Joined Trill in front of him. "Exactly because things are so busy, I will hasten to the point. As you know, with Director Ris' passing, your department has been without a Director. And while you've done your diligence filling in, we need operational consistency going into the foreseeable future. In short, it's time we named a new Director," he pronounced, not giving any indication as to who, exactly, that would be.

Tenai nodded “It has been some work, but I have tried to run the department as best I could. With years in Intelligence I have been behind the dissemination of information for a long time and after working with Ris, I think I have gotten more familiar with the policies.” He said before shifting slightly “However I will do my best to help the new Director in any capacity or fashion. I just want to make sure we stay successful.” He concluded.

"An admirable aim," Sturnack nodded, body rigid as he sat in his chair, deigning not to lean back against its soft backing. "However, I believe you misunderstand my preamble, Commodore. The new Director of Starfleet Intelligence will be you -- assuming you wish to tackle the role with some permanency. The position would, of course, dictate a promotion to the Admiralty. You would be elevated to the rank of Rear Admiral, with all of the privileges and expectations that come with such." The Vulcan let this hang in the air for a few moments, understanding the need to process what was happening.

It was, at that time, that Marlena returned. She placed the Tarkalean tea down in front of the CinC and then set the raktajino in front of Dexu. "Hope you enjoy," she smiled demurely at the Commodore, unaware of what she'd just walked back in on. Turning to Sturnack, she said, "You've got the thing in ten minutes, sir. Just a friendly reminder."

"Thank you, Commander," Sturnack nodded back to his aide-de-camp. As Marlena moved to leave -- once again disappearing through the double doors -- the Vulcan turned back to the Trill. "What is your answer, Commodore?" he asked, steepling his fingers out in front of him, hands resting on his lap. His look was one of expectancy.

Tenai blinked twice making sure it wasn't a dream. He knew he had worked hard for eight years but was never sure he would be given the position of Director. 'It's ironic Tenai I was the contract killer, yet still, you are part of a world of dark secrets.' Tenai heard Cahjan's voice ring in his ears, before the return of the aide. He snapped back to his reality brushing off Cahjan's voice.

He smiled as he grabbed his raktajino and took a sip feeling the warmth course down his throat. As the aide departed the Admiral's expectations could be seen from the way he looked at Tenai. Tenai straightened "I can say you surprised me, though I know I have done the job as Acting Director I figured someone would be more qualified. That being said I would be honored to become the new Director." He smiled slightly before relaxing again in the seat.

"Your performance in Admiral Ris' stead has been exemplary," Sturnack nodded slowly. "The department would benefit from your continued oversight. I am gratified to hear you will accept the position." From somewhere, the CinC suddenly produced a small black box lined in velvet. It clicked as it was opened, revealing the appropriate pips for Dexu's new rank. Sliding the box across the coffee table, it was then that Sturnack leaned back more comfortably in his chair. "There's a lot of work ahead of you. If you need anything from my office, we are here."

Tenai grabbed the box and affixed the new pips to his collar. He smiled slightly “I understand and without an Assistant Director I will be busy. I’ll make sure and get any officers to start working towards the main importance.” He stopped for a moment before leaning back and starting again “What is needed from the Intelligence Department that is of the highest priority?” He asked trying to see what he needed to do.

"The interrogation of the would-be assassin is, perhaps," Sturnack answered, "at the top of your priority list. Homeworld Security is also vying to take charge of the investigation but it will, no doubt, yield the best results if both departments work together on this. We need to identify why the assassin tried to assassinate either Captain Blake or myself: we still do not know the planned target of the attack. And beyond that," the Vulcan continued, "we need to ascertain whether the assassination attempt is related at all to the bombing of the Romulan embassy. As I said, much to do. You are empowered, of course, to find and elevate someone to be your new assistant Director."

Tenai had become highly skilled at taking notes in his head and this situation was no different. He took the information the Vulcan gave him and made sure to compartmentalize it. He thought before speaking as per normal “I can start with my analyst looking over the information we have and see if there is anything that was missed.” He paused for a moment “Spearheading things with homeland seems like the best option and though sometimes intelligence is best when no one else joins in this case I feel it’s best.” He took another sip of his drink “I will also have a specialist look into the Romulan implications here. As to my assistant…I truly have no idea of who could take the place at this time.”

"It sounds like you are charting the proper course," Sturnack nodded, reaching than for his tea and taking a measured sip. "As for your Deputy, I hope that your search for a second in command proves fruitful. I know that is no easy task," he said, thinking of his own Deputy and the rather disturbing meeting they'd had only an hour prior. "Should you require anything else from my office, please do not hesitate to contact Commander Glenn. She will coordinate with you as needed. Was there anything else, Rear Admiral?" the Vulcan used the man's new rank, an eyebrow arching upward.

Tenai smiled and shook his head "That will be all, Sir, but if you need anything from Intelligence don't hesitate to contact me. I will be getting you any reports as soon as I know more. Have a good day, Sir!"

He got up smiled and headed out of the office making sure to acknowledge the aide as he left. This meeting changed things and though he never expected it that didn't change the fact of how honored he was.

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Rear Admiral Tenai Dexu
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Fleet Admiral Sturnack
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Starfleet Command


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