Starfleet's Xenophobia Problem

Posted on Fri Aug 20th, 2021 @ 4:33am by Captain Jocelyn Blake

Starfleet’s Xenophobia Problem
By: Harris Zhao, Federation News Network

NEW YORK CITY: In the wake of the recent bombing on the newly opened Romulan embassy in San Francisco, Earth and the rest of the Federation await news from Starfleet. The deadly attack killed as many as 25 attendees, and injured more than 70 others. The status of several Federation dignitaries and leaders of Starfleet is still unknown, 6 days later, and an additional 15 people are still unaccounted for.

The scene at the site of the bombing is grim. Homeworld Security personnel along with security forces from Romulus are combing the location, looking for clues as to the source of the bombing, but until yesterday little had been shared with the public relating to the status of Starfleet’s investigation.

This office, however, has received a tip confirming that the credit for the bombing may belong to the pseud-terrorist group, Unified, whose members claim to support the exorcism of foreign species form the planet to cleanse it of the parasitical take over of Starfleet and the Federation.

We reached out to Starfleet for comment and were initially advised not to run with this story. Later Starfleet’s Press Secretary, Jocelyn Blake, updated this advice with a non-answer.

“The investigation into the bombing is an ongoing process and we are following several promising leads at this time. As a matter of security I cannot comment further on the nature of those leads and will share details as more information comes to light and is confirmed by our investigators.”

Blake’s initial suggestion that we not run this story places her statement in direct question. If there was not something to this information it is hard for this writer to believe that Starfleet would not have been happy to dispel the rumor.

This is not the first occasion where xenophobic groups and people were protected by Starfleet’s choice to move within their own circles rather than provide transparency to the world. Blake herself is renowned for uncovering the xenophobic leanings of Vice Admiral James Leyton not quite 7 years ago, putting Starfleet on notice that their focus on appearance over what is right would not be accepted.

In her own expose, Blake wrote “When asked for comment Starfleet not only indicated a refusal to reply, but also requested this series of events be kept from the press -- a step in the direction of former Admiral Leyton’s willingness to remove personal liberties from Federation citizens.”

Considering her former ethical impetus to draw Starfleet’s xenophobia problem out into the open Blake’s request that this story not be run is a curious one, and something that the Federation News Network will be keeping a close eye on.