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Going Off The Same Playbook

Posted on Sun Nov 21st, 2021 @ 5:26pm by Rear Admiral Thomas Romanowski & Rear Admiral Jan van Groesbeck & Rear Admiral Duncan Hurroo

Mission: Episode 2: 18th and Constitution
Location: Secure Conference Room, Starfleet Command
Timeline: Mission Day 17 at 1330

[Secure Conference Room]
[Starfleet Command]
[MD17, 1330hrs]

Thomas sat at the head of the conference table as he waited for Admirals Hurroo and van Groesbeck to arrive. His PADD sat infront of him on the table top and had his arms folded across his chest as he waited. He knew that the meeting had the potential to get heated. Starfleet Intelligence had a reputation for always skirting around regulations, but this would be his first dealings with both Admiral van Groesbeck and Admiral Hurroo. He hoped that by the end of the meeting everyone would be on the same page regarding the embassy bombing.

Hurroo was first through the door, "Admiral Romanowski," he said, pleasantly. He wasn't certain what this meeting was about but given the request and the ongoings of the world who was he to say no?

Acting Deputy Director of Starfleet Intelligence Captain Leroy Templeton stepped into the Conference Room, "Apologies Admirals but it appears that I'm sitting in for Rear Admiral van Groesbeeck for your meeting today. He's still on bereavement leave until tomorrow evening."

Captain Templeton found a spot down the table a way from the Admirals due to his lesser in rank. He was an analyst by trade. He wasn't use to being in rooms with high-ranking senior brass but van Groesbeeck believed in him temporarily to be named Deputy Director until his return from bereavement.

Thomas nodded at the two men as they took their seats. He had forgotten that van Groesbeeck was still of world, but he was sure that Templeton would be able to relay the contents of the meeting adequately. He pressed a series of buttons on the table before him which isolated the room. "Thank you both for coming on such short notice. I just finished speaking with Fleet Admiral Sturnack and he wanted me to discuss the Embassy bombing with you to ensure we all go off the same playbook," he said looking at both before continuing, "This morning we received notice from the Interstellar Courts that the Romulan government has officially filed for an injunction preventing Starfleet, or any other Federation personnel, from investigating the bombing. While there is no legal basis on which to grant such an injunction, it has definitely piqued the interest of the Diplomatic Corps and the Federation government. The Romulans never go through the courts, so the fact they have here is odd." He paused to gauge their reaction to this news before continuing.

The Captain didn't want to cut into the conversation with the two men. He looked over to Rear Admiral Duncan Hurro. He decided to provide courtesy and seek out permission to speak ahead of him, "Do you mind if I jump in here before you, Admiral?"

"Please do," he said, politely. Hurroo liked to hear the others opinions before sharing his own when possible and his not being immediately prudent. It let him absorb more information and perhaps learn something that he hadn't known before he opened his mouth and stuck his foot inside. Calculation, some dry humor, and quick wit was his key to success.

Thomas nodded towards the intelligence officer after Hurro. "Proceed Captain," he said as he leaned forward and rested his clasped hands on the table.

The Captain nodded gave both men a short curt nod, "I would recommend that Starfleet files a counter-injunction opting for a co-investigation into the bombing in the sake of mutual cooperation. Starfleet Intelligence position is we cannot allow foreign operatives to operate on Federation Soil without impunity. We have a suspicion that the Romulan investigators would be given diplomatic immunity. Forbidding Starfleet and its various agencies to carry out its own investigations. It would also be our recommendation that Homeworld Security provides a liaison officer during the investigation to ensure that Federation Law and Starfleet Regulation is upheld to our standards."

"I would concur that they should be observers to the investigation and to allow them the intelligence we determine is sharable. If we included the Romulans in our investigation or allowed them to conduct one fully independent then some of the evidence which we have held close to the vest can easily be discovered and leaked," Hurroo said. He wasn't sure if the JAG was in on what had been kept quite and what had been released. Personally until they were ready to charge anyone with a crime he didn't feel it was their business. But at least they could be useful in running interference in the meantime.

Thomas nodded at their suggestions. He had already considered Templeton's idea and he knew that a counter-injunction would slow role it's way through the courts. "I agree with you both, as does Fleet Admiral Sturnack. For now, he wants Homeworld Security to proceed as the primary investigating authority on this matter. Intelligence can assist as needed, but in order to keep everything straight legally Homeworld Security will need to be the primary. The Commander in Chief also wants us to proceed without the Romulans at this time. The Federation President has been made aware, as has the Diplomatic Corps," he said before pausing to look at them both. "I'll start drafting a motion for a counter-injunction to file with the courts. This will be able to buy you some time, but I would also be prepared to share any information should our legal battle falter. Legal precedent is on our side, but the Interstellar courts have proven to be unpredictable."

"Starfleet Intelligence will provide Homeworld Security with any assistance and support they require," Captain Templeton replied.

"We will certainly need assistance in looking at the Romulan end of the cause," Hurroo noted. "While we are skilled investigators our expertise is home grown not outside," he reminded everyone. "I will be working once I have time to gather my staff today to get everyone up to speed and make some promotions propose that each of our offices have a direct contact at this matter who can keep everyone informed," Hurroo stated. "Us and obviously the Intel Director cannot be in a meeting at all times."

Thomas nodded at both and tapped a few keys on the panel in front of him on the table to release the locks. He then stood with the other gentlemen, "Well, sounds like we all have some work to do. I'll keep you both in the loop should the Romulans try any further legal maneuvering. I'll also advise Fleet Admiral Sturnack of our plan of action." He paused to look at both of them, "I trust you will both keep me in the loop as well? I can't prosecute whomever was responsible unless I'm kept in the know."

"Of course," Hurroo responded.

Thomas nodded again and made his way to the conference room door. He made a mental note to check in with Van Groesbeeck when he returned from off world. He exited the room and headed towards his office.

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Rear Admiral Duncan Hurroo
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Starfleet Command


Rear Admiral Thomas Romanowski
Judge Advocate General
Starfleet Command


Captain Leroy Templeton
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