Rear Admiral Vox Templar

Name Vox Templar

Position Director of Starfleet Intelligence

Rank Rear Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species 1/2 Human 1/2 Romulan
Age 58

Physical Appearance

Height 6'00"
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Vox possesses a striking blend of human and Romulan features. Standing at a formidable 6 feet, his athletic build commands attention. His complexion, a fusion of olive tones, hints at the dual heritage coursing through his veins. His face bears the elegant blend of Romulan and human features: characteristic Romulan ridges adorn his forehead, resting above a pair of striking green eyes that sparkle with a wisdom acquired over five decades. The most distinctive element, however, are his pointed ears—elongated, tapering gracefully to delicate tips. His jet-black hair is slightly streaked with a few distinguished strands of silver in a tapered fade style, a visual testimony to the passage of time. Though his age has reached 58, there is a timeless quality to his appearance, a testament to the unique longevity granted by his mixed heritage.


Spouse Lyndsi Johnson [Deceased]
Father John Templar
Mother D'Ral Templar

Personality & Traits

General Overview He’s a true pragmatist, understanding the intricate dance between morality and necessity, often making tough decisions that others might shy away from. His leadership is marked by a resolute practicality—an approach born from years spent navigating the clandestine world of intelligence where shades of gray abound. When among friends or colleagues, Vox does let a sly smirk cross his lips. He is not just a leader but a guide, imparting the lessons learned from a lifetime of service. His decisions are driven by a profound sense of responsibility to the Federation and an understanding that, in the ever-evolving landscape of intelligence, sometimes unconventional methods are necessary for the greater good.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:

Decisiveness: Vox is not afraid to make tough decisions quickly. His decisive nature has often been a critical factor in navigating high-stakes situations with precision.

Adaptability: Thriving in the ever-changing landscape of intelligence, Vox is adept at adapting to new information and adjusting his strategies accordingly. This flexibility makes him a formidable leader in unpredictable scenarios.

Discipline: Honed through years of military service and boxing, Vox possesses a high level of discipline. This discipline extends to both his personal and professional life, contributing to his resilience and focus.


Pragmatism to a Fault: Vox's unyielding pragmatism, while often an asset, can lead him to make morally questionable decisions in the pursuit of what he sees as the greater good. This can strain relationships and trust within and outside Starfleet.

Risk-Taking Tendencies: In his pursuit of security, Vox may sometimes lean towards riskier approaches. While this can yield significant rewards, it also increases the potential for unintended consequences and backlash.

Difficulty Delegating: Given his hands-on approach and deep sense of responsibility, Vox may find it challenging to delegate tasks, leading to potential burnout and inefficiencies in large-scale operations.
Ambitions Vox sees fulfillment in his role as a Starfleet officer and believes that he can help secure the Federation. Outside of that, he foresees the opening of his own bar after retirement.
Hobbies & Interests Avid dom’jot player, smoker of fine cigars and enjoys drinking bourbon.

Personal History Vox was born on the rough mining world of Trivaldi on the outskirts of the Betreka Nebula. His father was a middle management company man for the ore processing company Claxico, Inc. His mother served as a registered nurse in the local hospital. Trivaldi was a dusty world that taught people to live within their means and not expect much else. Hard work was expected and in that environment, and Vox was raised to be self-reliant and disciplined. He took up the sport of boxing from an early age. In high school, he defended another boy that was being picked on by a group of bullies. Vox managed to fight them off despite needing to be treated in a hospital afterward.

While in high school, he developed a sharp eye for details, which helped him obtain excellent grades. When granted admission to Starfleet Academy he chose the security career path and enjoyed the more rigorous training courses. He was the only freshman cadet to ever win the Starfleet Academy heavyweight boxing championship title. Vox landed a blow that severely injured the eye socket of the championship opponent, which earned him the nickname “The Bonecrusher”, a moniker that followed him throughout his career.

It was during his time as executive officer of the U.S.S. Kyushu that the infamous conflict with the Borg occurred at the Battle of Wolf 359. In the midst of the chaos, the Kyushu fought with unwavering determination. Commander Templar coordinated the ship's defensive maneuvers. Despite their fierce resistance, the Borg's relentless advance took its toll. The Kyushu faced overwhelming odds as the Borg adapted to Starfleet's tactics. The vessel sustained severe damage, its hull punctured and systems failing under the relentless assault. In a desperate bid to survive, Templar made the heart-wrenching decision to abandon the Kyushu. With the ship on the brink of destruction, he ordered the evacuation of surviving crew members, ensuring their escape moments before the vessel succumbed to the relentless onslaught. The devastating loss and the sacrifice of their ship became a haunting memory that would shape the course of Vox Templar's career and leave an indelible mark on the history of Starfleet.

After the Borg defeat at Earth, Starfleet began fleet rebuilding efforts. Part of that plan included promoting Vox to the rank of captain and with encouragement, he joined the ranks of Starfleet Intelligence in an effort to bolster information-gathering on the Romulans and the Cardassians. He attended SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape) training to better prepare him for clandestine operations in the field. As tensions escalated between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, Starfleet Intelligence played a crucial role in deciphering Klingon intentions and preventing full-scale conflict. Vox, now a seasoned captain, lent his expertise to intelligence-gathering missions aimed at understanding the Klingons' motives and anticipating their next moves. Efforts included infiltrating Klingon space to obtain critical information and working closely with undercover agents embedded in key Klingon installations. His ability to navigate the complex landscape of interstellar politics and decode the Klingon Empire's subtle nuances proved invaluable in averting potential disasters. Vox's work during this time earned him recognition for maintaining a delicate balance between diplomacy and the necessity of protecting the Federation's interests.

With the outbreak of the Dominion War, Starfleet Intelligence faced unprecedented challenges. Vox, now a seasoned intelligence officer, took on a pivotal role in countering the Dominion's ever-evolving strategies. His experience in covert operations and deep understanding of the intricacies of interstellar politics positioned him as a key player in the intelligence community. Vox directed intelligence-gathering operations behind enemy lines, seeking critical information about Dominion fleet movements, strategic plans, and potential allies. His leadership in the shadows played a crucial role in helping Starfleet adapt to the Dominion's unpredictable tactics. Vox's ability to anticipate enemy movements and counteract their strategies became a linchpin in the Federation's efforts to turn the tide of the war.

After hostilities ended with the Dominion, Vox was promoted to Commodore with an assignment at Starfleet Command on Earth. The war had taken a huge toll not just on ships and manpower but also sheer experience in many fields, including Intelligence. He was assigned to assist the division in rebuilding a solid command team, training curriculum and operational streamlining for the challenges ahead. It was during his tenure at San Francisco that the Romulan embassy bombing occurred, killing his boss, among others. After the dire situation, the upper echelon looked to Vox to fill the gap left by his predecessor.
Starfleet or Civil Service Record Starfleet Academy: 2340-2344
Graduated Stardate: 21424.4 and promoted to ensign.

U.S.S. Andoria 2344-2352
2344: Assigned as security officer, Stardate: 21591
2346: Promoted to lieutenant (junior grade), Stardate: 23589.9
2349: Promoted to lieutenant, Stardate: 26362.5

U.S.S. Rutledge 2352-2359
2352: Assigned as security officer, Stardate: 29140.2
Federation-Cardassian War Service
2356: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, assigned as Chief of Security, Stardate: 33167.5

U.S.S. Kyushu 2360-2367
2360: Assigned as chief of security, Stardate: 37782.3
2364: Promoted to Commander and Executive Officer, Stardate: 41765.9
2367: Battle of Wolf 359, Stardate: 44002. Escaped the ship minutes before total destruction with a handful of other officers.

2367: Promoted to Captain, Stardate: 44162.5
Assigned to Starfleet Intelligence, Stardate: 44247.4

2367-2373: Starfleet Intelligence field operations. Service in Federation-Klingon War.

2373-2375: Dominion War Service.

2376: Promoted to Commodore, Stardate: 53542.1
Assigned to Starfleet Command, Intelligence Division.

2380: Promoted to Rear Admiral, Stardate: 57091.3
Appointed Director, Starfleet Intelligence.

Silver Star, Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart Medal, Starfleet Commendation Medal, Meritorious Service Medal, Combat Action Ribbon, Good Conduct Medal, Starfleet Expeditionary Medal, Federation Defense Service Medal, Starfleet Space Deployment Ribbon.