Petty Officer 3rd Class Kajal Ayodele-Singh

Name Kajal Ayodele-Singh

Position Security Detail Officers

Rank Petty Officer 3rd Class

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 31

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Bright blue eyes, steel black hair with brown skin with some facial hair.


Father Nennius Ayodele - Male Human (Panamanian) aged 30. He was an agricultural engineer contracted worker on the Acrux III colony. Declared deceased in 2356 during a Cardassian invasion.

Amar Singh - Male Human (Indian) aged 29. Employed as a Police Officer, formally a Starfleet Intelligence Ensign who worked as an analyst who left to pursue a family with his husband, Nennius. Declared deceased in 2356 during a Cardassian invasion.

Other Family Tiallira Drel - Female Betazoid aged 64
Declared Guardian.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kajal is a people pleaser, he wants to make everyone happy. He strives to be the best he can be. He has served in the Dominion Cold War & War as a grunt but he was brought up on Acrux III, due to the Federation-Cardissan war, the planet had new owners every few months or so, he grew up around war but this war lost his fathers, he still remembers them and tries to make them proud with every action he does.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths
Basic First Aider

Emotionally fragile
Prejudice to Cardissan
Ambitions Ensure peace in the galaxy
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies


Personal History Kajal was adopted by Mr Nennius & Mr Amar on Acrux III.
The only information about his blood parents was, mother A died during birth and father B was a pirate.
Their world was on the broader of the Cardassian Union which got caught up in the Federation-Cardassian War. Their world would be invaded by both parties. Food shortages, and water issues aside, Kajal was happy with what he had, he went to the local school, made friends and was a normal kid.
Another conquest later by the Cardassian Union in 2356 saw devastation across the planet when Kajal was 8. His fathers were killed. Amar was crushed by rubble, trying to rescue school children stuck in the rubble of their school on the other side of town, Nennius was publicly executed for "helping Federation forces" by repairing their weapons, putting his engineering skills to good use.
Kajal home survived, barely but the Cardissan system didn't put him into care, their neighbour Tiallira Dre took care of him, becoming his legal guardian.
Kajal watched Nennius be shot in public, he knew it would be painful but knowing it would be the last time he saw the father he loved. A few weeks later, the recuse forces found Amar's body, showing Kajal how cold and cruel life was.

In his teenage years, Kajal still went to school, the street he grew up in had been destroyed in '61 so he and Tiallira were living in tents. He'd joined the recuse forces as a volunteer, they trained him as a Medic in 2359, and he'd go around his camp, treating infections with whatever he had or playing with younger children who lost everything that they held dear like he did. But as the years went on, Kajal was wartorn.
His exhaustion led him to the stars above his head. He can remember the story his father told about Starfleet, wanting to find the good left, he applied to Starfleet.

He would later be accepted, getting transport off his homeworld was easy, given it was under Federation control. His first time in space, along a transport shuttle, he struggled to get his space legs but by the end of his travel, he managed to find them. Starfleet Academy was the Garden of Eden to him. Warm, tasty food and working non-polluted water was the highlights of it. He settled in quite nicely, after his shock. He lived a normal childhood, he had friends he knew that wasn't going to die a few months later. Classes, however, were a bit hard to manage, there were so many resources that were used and he hadn't used any. His friends helped him through and in turn, he helped them.

Kajal had graduated 4th in his class but still drew the short straw. Security Officer on a cargo ship. In cramped quarters, sleeping on a bunkbed on a Miranda Class ship felt normal to him. His role was working in the Security control centre doing admin work and patrolling cargo bays. It became tiresome quickly, but he didn't care. He enjoyed spending time with his fellow enlisted, cracking jokes, and playing sports on holodeck.

Then the Dominion Cold war started. USS Yangtze was brought back into service and straight onto the frontlines but Kajal had orders, orders every officer didn't like. Transfer orders to the 117 Infantry Squad. Out of all his postings in Starfleet, this is the one he hated because it made him feel like he was back home on Acrux III due to the Federation-Cardassian Treaty. The world was stuck in the Demilitarized Zone, still reliving its past.
In the Cold War. His Squad was based at Deep Space 9 preparing for combat, simulated combat drills on planets then various survival courses followed by fitness programs where they walked across deserts without water. It was hellish, Kajal wanted to call it quits but didn't. Because he was born in war, he lost everything in war. And didn't want others to go through that.
The war erupted, and still, on DS9 they were rushed towards the frontline, assisting attacking Cardassian worlds. Kajal helped whoever he could, regardless of their race, he didn't like to see people hurt.
The Federation began to lose the war, Kajal squad was pulled back to protect key Federation assets when DS9 was lost, but he would still see active combat daily whenever he was posted. The war had exhausted his teammates but Kajal being familiar with war, wasn't exhausted... Yet anyways.
He will always remember when the war paused, pending a treaty. He was treating a Rigelian woman with a broken arm, his teammate rushed up to him repeatedly saying "We've got Cardissa Prime." Kajal pretty much jumped for joy, after he had treated the Rigelian. The war was over. But it left Kajal debating whether to leave Starfleet. Start a new life, as his father did. Unsure what to do if he did leave, he stayed in Starfleet.

Most of Starfleet's Infantry had been disbanded, including 117 and again, he had been transferred. A space city, Starbase 44 working as a Protection Officer. He'd done the work before, during the war. He was just happy enough to be somewhere stable. Much like the Yangtze (before her destruction in the battle for Deep Space 9) he had his own room though quite small with no windows, he made new friends some he knew from the war. He felt free again. His work could be tiresome, just standing in one place, watching passers go by. He didn't mind it, his social life made up for it. However, he was transferred again. To Earth, somewhere he never went.
Starfleet or Civil Service Record 2366 - 2367
Psi Upsilon III
Starfleet Academy
Majoring in Security

2367 - 2370
USS Yangtze | NCC 1874 | Class 6 Federation supply ship
Security Officer
Crewmen Recruit - Crewmen Apprentice

2370 - 2375
117 Infantry Squad
Infantry Soldier
Crewmen Apprentice - Crewmen

2375 - 2379
Central Fleet
Starbase 44
Director of Fleet Operations Security Detail
Protection Officer
Crewmen - Petty Officer 3rd Class

2379 - Present
Starfleet HQ
C-in-C Security Detail
Protection Officer
Petty Officer 3rd Class - Present