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Admiral Leo Lyman

Name Leo Lyman

Position Chief of Staff

Rank Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 59

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 170
Hair Color Dark Grey
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Overall despite getting older, Leo still maintains good health, despite everything that has happened to him in the length of his career. Off duty, he usually wears black pants and any kind of turtleneck, sometimes a dark jacket or coat if he is going outside.


Spouse N/A
Children Drew Lyman (Son, Chief Operations Officer, USS Forrestal)

Rayne Lyman (Daughter, Bartender, West Wings Bar and Grill)
Father Thomas Lyman (Deceased)
Mother Valerie Lyman (Deceased)
Brother(s) Kent Lyman (Commanding Officer, USS Ark Royal and Task Force 89)
Other Family Julie Rhodes (Ex-wife, Divorced)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Ultimately, in terms of leadership, Leo cares more about the job his people in his department do more so than formalities, which are still accepted. However whenever any of his officers in his department have meetings with political figures or other higher ranking officials, he usually cares a little more so about formalities, as that can reflect back on the Chief of Staff's Office, and even Starfleet Command as a whole. In terms of himself, Leo upholds himself to a standard to where he gives the Commander-in-Chief necessary information and advice regarding important decisions. But similar logic, Leo makes sure that for assignments within his authority to place people in, he makes sure he chooses the best for that role. Outside of his job, he considers himself low-key and laid back. That could be partly because of his age, but given how his career is now, he doesn't want to do anything that would jeopardize his career or Starfleet, or most importantly, the United Federation of Planets as a whole.
Strengths & Weaknesses (S) Tells his people how things are. He tries not to sugarcoat anything or steer around a topic. In other words, when the time is appropriate and calls for it, he can be pretty blunt.

(W) By that same logic, sometimes he can be too blunt, although with Leo, this is fairly rare.

(S) He makes sure his own work, as well as the work of his department is done to a high standard.

(W) Because of this, he has a reputation for overworking himself

(S) Even with his rank and age, Leo is not afraid to take new opportunities.

(W) However, when he gets large promotions and opportunities, he sometimes feels like he is taking something great away from someone else.

Hobbies & Interests -Leo in his off time enjoys reading and has accumulated hundreds of books over the years.
-He has a love for antique Earth vehicles from the mid to late 20th century, all the way to the mid 21st century.
-He also loves to cook when he gets the chance to.

Starfleet or Civil Service Record Starfleet Academy
-2338-2339- Cadet Freshman
-2339-2340- Cadet Sophomore
-2340-2341- Cadet Junior
-2341-2342- Cadet Senior
-2342-2342- Graduation and Promotion to Ensign, Transfer to USS Saratoga
USS Saratoga
-2342-2345- Relief Conn Officer, USS Saratoga
-2345-2345- Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade
-2345-2348- Assistant Chief Conn Officer, USS Saratoga
-2348-2350- Chief Conn Officer, USS Saratoga
-2350-2350- Promotion to Lieutenant
-2350-2355- Chief Conn Officer and Second Officer, USS Saratoga
-2355-2355- Promotion to Lieutenant Commander
-2355-2357- Chief Conn Officer And Executive Officer, USS Saratoga
-2357-2357- Transfer to USS Nebula
USS Nebula
-2357-2363- Executive Officer, USS Nebula
-2363-2363- Promotion to Commander
-2363-2367- Executive Officer, USS Nebula
-2367-2367- Promotion to Captain
-2367-2373- Commanding Officer, USS Nebula
-2373-2373- Promotion to Commodore, Transfer to Starbase 380 and Starfleet Second Fleet
Starbase 380 and Starfleet Second Feet
-2373-2375- Chief of Staff, Starfleet Second Fleet
-2375-2375- Promotion to Rear Admiral
-2375-2379- Chief of Staff, Starfleet Second Fleet
-2379-2379- Promotion to Admiral, Transfer to Starfleet Command
Starfleet Command
-2379-23XX- Chief of Staff, Starfleet Command