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Rear Admiral Rune Thul

Name Rune Thul

Position Director of Strategic Command

Rank Rear Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 62

Physical Appearance

Height 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight 250lbs (113 kg)
Hair Color Gray Black
Eye Color Black
Physical Description Passed his prime but still in fit form except his slightly bulging belly. He has a long scar lining the right side of his face and it occasionally reddens when he is experiencing strong emotions. It itches like hell sometimes but he keeps it as a memento from a skirmish. He sports several tattoos on his arms, back and calves. The ones on his arms are of ancient Betazoid clan decorations, the ones on his calves are symbols of ancient Earth Egyptian gods that he believes offer him protection and guidance. The largest is the one on his back that is a set of ancient Earth mythical Dragon's wings, just a fetish he had while in the Academy. His hair was the other thing during his Academy days he left shoulder length, he has had so much experience with hair styles that he often changes it on a whim. Though that is a habit he has picked up from all his undercover work, nowadays he has several hair ties around his wrist as he ponytails or buns it when it gets to be a busy day.


Spouse Vestar Mulray-Thul aka Vestar Khai. Symbiont: Khai (56, works as a Restaurant Owner named “The Spot” and CEO of Supremacy Inc)(Joined Trill, received a symbiont in 2370, 3 former hosts)
Children 2: Tomnas Thul, Rune' biological son and Kirk Mulray-Thul, Vestar's biological son, both aged 21. (Both were given to surrogate mothers of the other man's species and both men adopted the other during their marriage)
Father Latral (Born 2309, deceased aged 50, killed in the line of duty)
Mother Prissa (Born 2259, deceased aged 120, died of old age)

Personality & Traits

General Overview A battle hardened and reserved man. Has the tendency to keep to himself when not with Vestar as habits die hard, when in Intelligence he'd work hard not to be noticed and it allowed him to survive, though he is more tired in his old age. It may also have something to do with his mental efforts to keep his telepathy in check being a slightly higher rated than average. It requires a lot of energy. Otherwise, he strives to be friendly as often as he can. He believes in the Federation and its ideals with all his being and is willing to die to save it if it was that simple. He learned very early in life to not take time for granted and he had Intelligence field work to thank for that. The many close calls on his life or to those he knew matured his mind faster than anything else could have. It was a double edge sword as he was grateful for his experiences but they continued to trouble him no matter how much counseling he received.
Strengths & Weaknesses - Is a perfectionist when it comes to his appearance and has been known to do so to his friends. It mostly comes back to his time in undercover work, appearance and behaviour are critical to success. This is what makes him often play with his hairstyle. He has been known to copy famous officers' styles, and well enough that it appeared he cut his hair only to have it be an illusion. Sometimes it was a wig.
- Can lack tact at the best of times and it is something he is working on improving, sometimes time is something he doesn't have and he has to get a point across effectively. Though this is a weakness he developed late in life when he entered the Command track.
- Is a little too overprotective of his things, projects and those he loves as well as his friends. Even a few officers he helped in some way.
- Loyal to the Federation and Starfleet.
Ambitions Does all he can to avoid politics as he hates what it does to people, even friends when they tasted power were consumed by it, or simply trapped by it. He vowed to prepare his people and world for the hostility that they seem to think will be coming. He extended that to protect the Federation from corruption and when in a position to do so will do anything and everything to fulfill that oath.
Hobbies & Interests tri-dimensional chess
playing holo-novels
rehearsing the languages for those he knows regularly: Betazoid, English, Klingon and Rhiannsu

Personal History Born on Betazed to a Starfleet Lieutenant Commander Latral Thul, who worked at the Federation Embassy as a Strategic Operations Officer, and a very successful multicultural Restaurant owner Prissa Thul in 2317. Part of the Seventh House, House of Courage, the Thuls were formidle in seeking out new challenges and surpassing them.

One being the endless adventure of Starfleet and the other in the pursuit of competing with other hospitality businesses in the race to provide the best dining experience. Their son Rune Thul had plenty of inspiration to rise up and above any form of obstacle, he crawled, walked and spoke from an early age then average. His mother would telepathically sing him rhymes and barely keep an active connection with him.

His father often would telepathically recite human rhymes and that's when both learned that Rune enjoyed the word Row from Row Row Your Boat, Rune would speak it often. His mother wasn't sure when she had begun to use Ro as a nickname, it stuck as Rune responded to it more than Rune. Soon he started primary schooling and he had a rather friend-filled and enjoyable childhood being an only child, his telepathy did trigger early as well but this took longer than the others in his class to master its control.

It was odd, the Doctors did offer the possibility that the telepathic rating of their son was higher than average explaining the longer time it took to master. Rune during this time spent most of his time with his mother and the counselors at the Medical Bureau where they helped him learn control. He often helped out his mother at the growing chain of restaurants and other service businesses while occasionally shadowing his father on whatever ship he was assigned to every 3rd and 5th month as his parents were often apart due to work. The work that both his parents gave him helped him learn life skills as well as focus that in turn granted him the control he needed for his stronger telepathy, it was only rated higher by 1 or 2 points than average according to the regular tests.

He met Vestar Mulray, a Trill, at his mother’s flagship restaurant “The Spot” and the two, 4 years apart, connected with each other almost immediately. Ro was 20 upon this fateful encounter and Vestar was 16. Upon Ro’s 16th birthday he applied to Starfleet Academy and was sponsored, after completed all the pre-entrance exams, by one of Latral’s good friends who was another Starfleet Captain teaching at the Academy. Unfortunately he had to wait 4 years for the next available slot in the busy Academy, so he continued to get to know Vestar, the Trill's family and what kind of career he wanted in Starfleet.

He was sad but accepted it when he learned that Vestar didn’t want to join Starfleet with him when the two began officially dating during the 4 years Ro had to wait for Starfleet Academy. Vestar explained he'd want to learn Ro’s mother Prissa’s knack for Hospitality and Business Management, Ro supported his boyfriend no matter what and so soon Vestar asked for her to train him; she had accepted his request. Their lives were already so and utterly intertwined Rune and Vestar still continued to battle over little things like new lovers did but their love for each other grew stronger each day.
Starfleet or Civil Service Record -Entered Starfleet Academy in 2337 at 20.

-Graduated the Academy in 2341 at 24 and with Intelligence being his main focus, he showed great skill at adaptation to the unexpected as well as infiltration and other espionage activities. Being of the Betazoid Seventh House, House of Courage, and raised to not only overcome adversity but to seek out new ways to test his Courage it seemed fitting that Intelligence was a good career choice for Rune. Granted the rank of Ensign and was immediately surgically altered to be Cardassian and sent to Cardassian space to learn all he could about their military technologies. Mainly learning about Cardassian technology. It was a tough 5 years Rune did learn much about Cardassia Prime and the Cardassians as a people, socially and culturally. He especially worked to find dissidents as well as as much information about the lead up to the Occupation of Bajor, why and how they planned it out. He actually got posted to the Cardassian occupied Bajor during his 5 years. He assisted the Bajoran Resistance as best he could with little acts of targeted sabotage or small informational leaks, most often picked up using his telepathy and simply manipulating transfer orders, that led to supplies or weapons getting into Bajoran hands. One box or two at a time, as his time with his mother's business had given him insight into logistics and his infiltration training gave him the tools to not be disruptive enough that the Cardassians wouldn't look into it.

-In 2346 Ro was extracted from Cardassia Prime and given a promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade at the age of 29 for all his work with Bajor, though it did get him a reprimand on his record for violating the Prime Directive however due to the fact that it was never discovered that Starfleet helped, they let him off with only a warning. He served on the Starship Cortez as a Security officer as the ship was patrolling the Cardassian-Federation border with several other ships for a 2 year run, each ship would have set points that they'd meet at and swap areas. During a brief stop at Starbase 211, he contacted Vestar's parents, whom he officially asked for permission to marry their son. They accepted him as their son-in-law in secret of course and would wait until the question was posed before going crazy with the whole engagement and wedding excitement. Ro contacted his mother and Vestar, after some chit chat with his mother soon he was alone with his boyfriend. He proposed to Vestar once the usual words were spoken. The Trill couldn't say yes fast enough, Prissa came back into view holding her wedding ring and a letter out at Vestar who had his hand over his mouth. Though they'd have to get the ring resized, Vestar read the letter and cried a little. Soon an announcement on Ro's end declared the ship was returning to the border and all personnel were ordered to their stations. They hadn't set a wedding date before he stated that he'd hopefully be home soon and said that it was up to Vestar to work out, Ro was good with whatever happened.

-At the start of 2348, Ro was recalled back to Earth, surprised by his mother and Vestar, who had moved to Earth in the 2 years he was on patrol, he was hit by a beautiful Betazoid and somewhat Trill wedding to Vestar with some close friends the two had made along the way. The couple had Ro's parents' wedding rings and Vestar's parents offered two based on theirs to them. It was an enjoyable event and even been blessed by Starfleet Intelligence, so he heard from his handler Lucretia Scott (Trill female) and he learned that he was picked to infiltrate the Romulan Star Empire in 6 months. Vestar and Prissa had begged for as much time as they could give for a reconnect with Ro and while they insisted on a quiet wedding as Ro is an undercover operative. They told them that should their enemies learn of Ro's new status and or Vestar's identity, both their lives could be compromised, and every security precaution was taken. Time flew by and Ro was deployed, of course surgically altered, to Romulus mid 2348 at the age 31 for 6 years. He learned all he could about everything, especially about dissidents and any foreign plans the Romulans had. He found out about the Romulan alliance with the Klingon House of Duras, though he was unable to get any further into the operation that the Romulans were planning without compromising his cover, even his telepathy failed him for Romulans are paranoid, secretive and mentally guarded. He had to destroy all he had collected one time as the Tal Shiar were very close to finding him out, they obviously knew about a leak or something dubious going on, forcing him to carefully start from scratch again. Those 6 years were an ever expanding test of his training and at one point he nearly gave up only to be offered Tal Shiar membership. They believed they could turn him to their advantage, however before they could make good on their offer, Ro left Romulus for another Romulan world as per conveniently given orders. While Ro would have wanted to use Tal Shiar resources it was too dangerous.

-A successful extraction after learning Ro had left Romulus, Starfleet Intelligence brought him back to Earth mid 2354 at 37 and told that his father Latral was killed in the line of duty. Shock and grief stricken Ro was granted up to 12 months leave which he immediately spent with Vestar who had somewhat changed being 33 as the younger man had been attending Martial Arts classes to keep fit, Ro joined him and began attending additional Intelligence, Security/Tactical and Strategic Operations training classes. This was another form of testing his and his mother’s Courage at being able to come to terms with the death of a loved one. Sure everyone had this eventual barrier to break through but being of a house of virtue, they had to be seen as an example of that virtue. To say the least it was hard! Very hard after the funeral when they attempted to carry on without him. It seemed unreal as sometimes they expected Latral to walk in, hear his voice, if they see something of his and even turn around to ask something of him to immediately tear up. Many times Vestar had to comfort Ro during late nights as the grief hit Ro hard over the first 3 months after the funeral. During the last 3 months of his leave, Ro was informed that a new undercover mission was coming up and he was the preferred choice. He renewed himself and accepted Latral’s death in those last 3 months as best he could, being told that his government needed him helped push him over the edge of uncertainty. Though upon hearing that he was being called back into service his mother sobered immediately and was demanding her son resign from that organisation and do something else. Yet Ro managed to talk her down and promised to do all he could to stay safe while upholding the ideals of their house.

-In 2357 at 40 Ro is sent to Tholian space as a slave labourer and stationed on a shipyard facility which surprised Ro and he worked to elevate himself by hard work. Occasionally informed on escapees and revolt discussions that he had landed in on more than once. It put him into a supervisory role and allowed him access to the Shipyard itself, he was very careful to sneak around and downloaded as much information about Tholians, their ship designs and any other information about their space as possible before putting an escape plan into action. He incited a revolt of the rebellious slaves, most escaped with him but a good number had been killed during the battle. During the chaos Ro received the long scar lining the right side of his face from a Tholian attacker. Returned to Starfleet Intelligence a success and much of the data analysed by Starfleet who were hopeful of ways to defeat the Tholians should Diplomacy fail. Ro is granted a promotion to full Lieutenant for his efforts and refused complete removal of his scars, merely getting it treated. Ro enjoyed 2 years of smaller operations in and around Tholian space that allowed him to return to Earth to be with Vestar and family. Occasionally he assisted with Counterintelligence operations. So happy and prepared to leave Earth should another operation come along, Ro was approached by Starfleet Intelligence with the assignment in the Tzenkethi Coalition. Surprised they actually had one in the works and quickly assigned him to it which came with placement on Starbase 621 as an Intelligence analyst. He also requested additional training in Strategic Operations which they authorised and told him the starbase Chief Strategic Operations Officer will provide the training on the job, when he reported there.

-At the beginning of 2358, Ro and Vestar discussed children, they both knew the risks and yet wanted kids anyway. Ro pushed for it as he learned that time is precious and he wanted to be a father. Vestar was both resistant and touched by it all at first but soon couldn't refuse. They both had female best friends that they asked to be the surrogates; Lucretia Scott (Trill) and Zelda Imaka (Betazoid). Zelda had a position within Vestar's business from the start. She had become Vestar's right hand woman and a member of the management circle. Lucretia on the other side was Ro's trainer at Starfleet Intelligence and his handler, the two got on like a house on fire. The two enjoyed the same amount of chaos they conducted on the rest of their co-workers, when appropriate of course. The two women accepted this request with honour and carried the babies till birth later that year. Their sons Tomnas and Kirk are born.

-In 2359 Ro is 42 while Vestar at 38, Ro is sent to Starbase 621 with Vestar in tow and settled into his new desk job role of analyst, he and the Chief Strat Ops Officer who he gave Starfleet Command’s training request to began the on-the-job training immediately. Ro learned that Vestar had set up a new restaurant on the starbase and co-managed it with a woman who he learned owned the space the restaurant occupied. Ro surprised Vestar with many distractions and fun daily, while he waited for the Tzenkethi operation though he informed Lucretia that this was his last mission, she agreed. After a few months Starfleet Intelligence sent Ro on the undercover operation as a slave to the Tzenkethi homeworld when dissidents contacted the Federation for assistance in changing the government. Ro was to collect information on the government officials and how best to render Starfleet aid to the dissidents in their goals. Only a few months later Ro’s mission is complete and he is delivered back to Starbase 621 a little worse for wear but still in great shape, he had to be treated like a slave by the dissident family to keep both their secrets hidden. The information gathered helps Starfleet dispatch an infiltration team to incite further rebellion and train the dissidents in various forms of warfare but not to partake in the conflicts. Sadly majority of the dissidents and the team were discovered by a traitor and killed igniting border skirmishes between Starfleet and the Coalition. Thankfully some of the information from Ro’s mission provided tactical data about Tzenkethi weapons and defenses allowing Starfleet to hold their own but not always. Ro was promoted to full Lieutenant for his hard work, though he felt responsible for many deaths including his host family and the infiltration team. Thanks to Vestar, their sons and counseling he was able to accept that he did all he could not to be found out or left anything that could be traced back to his host family. As a result Ro decided to focus on Strategic Operations and in Security and Tactical, Command accepted the transfer. He later joined the Defiant development project, under the banner of Starfleet Tactical's Anti-borg research team, supervised by Commander Benjamin Sisko as was Starfleet's response to the Borg. Ro never met the Commander as he worked on the new warship class. Meanwhile, Vestar had stayed on 621 until he had hired someone to co-manage with the restaurant's landlady, he still owned it and joined Ro on Earth. Ro had their sons most of that time with help from his former handler Lucretia Scott (Trill female), she was Ro's son's surrogate mother after all. One of Vestar's business employees that oversaw many of their corporate operations, Zelda Imaka (Betazoid female) had graciously accepted the request for Vestar's son's surrogacy and came by a few times to help when she could. The four are great friends and spent as much time they could together when they could. Tomnas and Kirk turned 1 in 2359 and were smothered by their fathers' love.

-7 years of Starfleet service for Ro in a few different assignments: while he worked on the Defiant project, at Starfleet Tactical, he had been sent to various ships as either temporary Chief positions for Security/Tactical or Strat Ops while replacements were selected. Meanwhile Vestar built his business up and made contacts around the Federation and other friendly empires.

-In 2366 everything was somewhat ruined by the announcement of a Borg presence at New Providence colony and the 11000 lives unaccounted for. Anti-borg team leader Lieutenant Commander Elisabeth Shelby during her time on the Enterprise had sent messages back to her research team back on Earth. Ro had been left to coordinate the team while Shelby was away. He heard about all that happened on the Enterprise from Starfleet Command as after action reports were received. Upon Shelby’s return the team got to work on studying all the data they gained during the encounter to form new tactics and defenses. Ro never had any interaction with Shelby for he worked different shifts. He was granted a promotion to Lieutenant Commander for his contribution to the development of tactics and defenses against the Borg. Later in the year a 49 year old Ro and 45 year old Vestar fussed over their sons, both not wanting to waste time as they saw that time could be running out with the looming possibility of a Borg invasion. Tomnas and Kirk are 8.

-In 2370 Ro was 53 and Vestar was 49. They moved into a new house close to the Anti-borg Think Tank. Vestar informs Ro of his application for the Initiate program which was accepted which he was surprised that could be conducted on Earth. The Trill Symbiosis Commission sent a supervisor many times to oversee the training while there were times Vestar traveled to Trill to consult various officials about his progress. Ro did his best to get time off to be with him to look after the boys, Tomnas Mulray-Thul and Kirk Thul, along with Lucretia and Zelda, both men's families visiting regularly. 3 such occasions were called and only 1 of those times Ro had not been able to accompany Vestar to Trill with several breakthroughs being close to achievement and all pressure from Starfleet Command. Occasionally Ro did bring their boys to the Think Tank and the rest of the team, after work ended for the day, enjoyed games with the boys. Tomnas and Kirk turned 12.

-Soon a new threat is discovered by the crew of Deep Space Nine when they encounter a Vorta on the run from the Dominion’s war machine the Jem’hadar. It was Vestar’s turn to ask Ro if they could move to Bajor to help rebuild their world and heal the broken people. Ro was happy to be anywhere with Vestar and their boys and put in a transfer request to Bajor. Zelda went with them to help Vestar. It was nice to work on a project that the Federation was well known for, helping others who ask for it when it didn’t conflict with the Prime Directive of course. The Federation asked their citizenry businesses for assistance and Vestar was one who answered the call and by then his business named Supremacy Inc had already spanned many worlds and not all Federation. Ro spent most of his time on the station working on the station’s refit with Starfleet and Bajoran technology and assisted the Bajorans with other tactical, weapons and intelligence gathering knowledge and techniques they wanted to know. He did most of the training on Bajor; they even converted many of the labour camps into militia compounds. Ro found he learned much from the Bajorans he was supposed to instruct, which he was excited about. Vestar setup another restaurant and used his profits to help the Bajorans through community work. Once he had employed a good crew Vestar moved back to the station and began an investigation into business opportunities in the Gamma quadrant while he spent time with Ro as the Betazoid worked with the crew on their various missions until 2373, as Ro is 56 and Vestar is 52; Tomnas and Kirk became 15 years old. Ro was promoted to Commander and sometimes had been ordered to fill in as the Chief of Security/Tactical Officer on a few ships during their missions but returned to Deep Space Nine and Bajor. Meanwhile Vestar's Supremacy Inc boomed in the Gamma quadrant until the Dominion began sending fleets through the wormhole to Cardassia. He withdrew his freighters and staff back as the war heated, though he continued to research and experiment in all things Hospitality like menus, food, beverages, replicator patterns and even launched a catering services division. Zelda suggested hotels and entertainment as well as offered ideas as to how. Ro collected a list of battles during the war, when the civilians evacuated the station Vestar and the boys went to Bajor:
–-Second Battle of Deep Space Nine
–-Battle of Tyra in 2374 while Ro served as Executive Officer of the USS Lexington that survived the battle and he became her CO out of necessity.
–-Operation Return as temp CO of the USS Lexington participated in the retaking of Deep Space Nine.
–-Siege of AR-558 along with the Defiant crew, though took part in the fighting while the others rested.
–-First and Second Battles of Chin’taka.

-In 2375 Ro at 58, Vestar at 54 and Tomnas and Kirk at 17. They enjoyed life with a few separations and travelling together to different assignments as Ro was a Captain, while Vestar continued to build Supremacy Inc and both cared for their sons, occasionally one son with one father. Occasional visits from family, Zelda and Lucretia to help the boys' education and giving them advice on what futures they wanted. Ro learned that his homeworld was taken by the Dominion and briefly bid Vestar, their sons and family farewell and returned to Betazed and join his people in freeing his world. He teamed up with the other Betazoids, Starfleet officers and civilians to perform a desperate and demeaning act in order to liberate the planet thanks to Hent Tevren who shared his knowledge about how to kill using telepathy. Ro himself had been one to use this technique while the Enterprise-E led an attack force to destroy the orbiting Nor-class station. Ro and many other Betazoids have come to justify that they used the telepathic killing method infamously named the Tevren Technique as the only way they could save their people. Meanwhile, planetside on Bajor, Vestar received a list of symbionts from the Symbiosis Commission both new and ones of elderly or terminally ill patients. He requested Khai, the symbiont only had 2 former hosts and the 3rd dying of old age soon. He and the boys headed to Trill for the joining, though it took a few weeks for the Commission to sign off on Joining as a stable success so Lucretia and other family members were there to help. What he found most interesting as he explored Khai's memories was that Khai had been joined to 3 men. He had been excited to continue the legacy. Vestar hated the timing of everything and wanted Ro with him but understood he was busy liberating Betazed. Once liberated Vestar, and their sons moved to Betazed to help Ro and the rest of the Betazoids rebuild. Ro requested a posting on the planet or on one of the ships attached to sector, it was preferred to be on the surface so he could both be with Vestar and their sons and help get his people back on track.

-In 2377 Ro served as CO of Starbase 211 with the rank of captain. Later he was made Assistant Chief of Strategic Command for the surrounding sectors, with the advancement to Rear Admiral and liaison to Starfleet Tactical at 60 and Vestar is 56. Ro had to move to 211 while Vestar, Tomnas and Kirk lived in the Betazoid capital. The boys are both 19 years old and already heavily involved in secondary schooling, social events and making friends. Vestar had become a foreman of most relief operations and had set up extensions of his business, with the business a driving force behind the operations. The Betazoids and other species who called Betazed home came to all know Vestar and the boys as beacons of hope. Ro as well though not as much as he wasn't always there as he had to command one of the nearby starbases.

-In 2379, Prissa died of old age and the year was full of grief and fear as well as the need to live life. Ro used all the courage he could muster to help his family pull through it all. So they all travelled to Earth for the funeral. Soon duty called Ro out of grief once again to serve at Starfleet Command as Director of Strategic Command. He was already apt at strategic operations in the Betazoid and surrounding sectors, so he was ordered to fill that role for the whole of the Federation. A great honour Ro knew though dampened by the loss of several flag officers by a bomb at the Romulan embassy of all places.