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Rear Admiral Richard Brannigan

Name Richard David Brannigan

Position Director of Research and Development

Rank Rear Admiral

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 57

Physical Appearance

Height 6 ft. 4 in.
Weight 200 lbs.
Hair Color Salt and Pepper
Eye Color Steel Blue
Physical Description Tall and trimly muscular, Richard carries himself with an air of authority underlaid with understanding and approachability. His short, well-groomed hair, which was once black, is now salted with silvery-white, and his steel-blue eyes are at once hard and kind. He has one tattoo, normally hidden by the long sleeve of his uniform, of a winged serpent. The head and body of the serpent rest along the outside of his upper arm, wings stretched to curve around his upper arm. The tail of the serpent wraps around his arm, down toward his wrist, ending just above his wrist. It is inked in bright colors.


Spouse Jhenorra "Jen" Brannigan (maiden name, Lemiyrr)
Children Kelynda Marcel (23, married); Jaesen Brannigan (19)
Father Andrew Randolph Brannigan
Mother Kiera Elyse Brannigan (maiden name, Morrison)
Brother(s) Darek Alan Brannigan
Sister(s) Jenna Tori Brannigan
Other Family Many but scattered, and he really isn't in contact with any of them.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Richard is generally a warm person, approachable, and a good listener. He can be hard when necessary, though. He has a very spiritual side, thanks to his wife, and loves finding places that are peaceful or inspire that in him. He is patient with his people and meticulous when it comes to his work. He is a designer at heart.
Strengths & Weaknesses Richard is very intelligent and innovative. He loves a challenge. But he can sometimes become too invested in one of his projects and lose himself, forgetting to even eat or sleep for days. He holds himself to a very high standard, which can be good. But on the flipside, he can be very hard on himself if he does not meet self-imposed standards (even when those exceed Starfleet's).
Ambitions Ambitions are for those who haven't already achieved what they want. *smiles*
Hobbies & Interests Richard loves to design, everything from small devices all the way up to engine systems. He reads a lot of technical journals and takes copious notes. He also enjoys quiet nights spent in front of a fireplace wrapped up in a soft fur blanket with his wife. He thoroughly enjoys learning about new cultures for oth their technology and their spirituality. His food and beverage tastes are eclectic, and he is always willing to try something new.

Personal History Richard was born on Earth in what used to be the United States, the middle of three children. His father was Starfleet, but his mother was not. This meant that the family did not tend to get separated when his father was moved around as Starfleet is wont to do. And they did move around a lot for the first part of Richard's life. But when his sister Jenna was born, their parents decided to settle down. His father took a position teaching at Starfleet Academy, and his mother got a job in the civilian sector.

In honesty, it didn't really matter to Richard where he studied until it was time to choose his path. That was easy enough; he had decided when he was seven that he wanted to join Starfleet. And being on Earth meant that he would get to study at the main Academy! He applied, was accepted, and studied hard in the field of Engineering. He took several different types because they all fascinated him. Granted, this meant that he had little time for social activities or sports, but he managed to squeeze them in to some small degree. Or rather, his roommate would drag him out to them.

As a result of his hard work, Richard gradated the Academy in the top 7% of his class. He then followed with the two years of command training as he saw himself one day commanding a team of engineers, maybe even as high as Starfleet Command itself. So, at 24, he began his actual career in Starfleet.
Starfleet or Civil Service Record His Cadet Cruise was served on the USS Herald. That ship was decommissioned soon after due to age and the need for more advanced vessels.

Richard was then given the rank of Ensign and sent to the USS Starchild as an Engineering Officer. Here, as with every assignment before and after it, he was into every part of the ship, not just fixing them but improving where he could -- read here, where they would allow him to. He served on thisw ship for a very long time, moving up the ranks through Lieutenant junior Grade and Lieutenant.

It was during his time in the rank of Lieutenant that he met Jhenorra Lemiyrr. The Starchild had responded to a distress call from a civilian merchant and had arrived to find only Jhenorra and one other member of that ship's crew alive. Their ship had crashed on an exceedingly hostile planet, and she and her crewmate had survived by literally hiding in a weapons closet. Richard's team had to cut them out, and they were taken to the nearest starbase for medical treatment. But during that trip, the two became close; and when the other disembarked at the starbase, Jhenorra asked to stay. She was told that only the family of the crew could stay. She and Richard then asked the captain to marry them. This was when he was 33.

When he was 34, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and reassigned to Starbase 27 as its Chief Engineer. That proved to be a good thing as soon after they arrived at the starbase, Jhenorra found out that she was pregnant. Five months later, she gave birth to their first child, a daughter they named Kelynda. Richard thought his life couldn't get any better!

When Kelynda was 4, their second child Jaesen was born. Richard was even happier, if that was possible. He loved his wife and his children, and he did his best to spend as much time with them as he could, balancing his home life with his career. That worked until he was again transferred. Fortunately, this was to a larger ship that was not a combat vessel, so his family went with him. He was given command of the engineering department, and three years later, the rank of Commander.

During his time as Commander, he was moved a few more times as Starfleet needed. That is until he was again promoted. This time, they wanted to give him a ship, but he refused. He didn't wanjt the center chair; he preferred Engineering. So instead, they gave him a starbase, which was not any better in the sense of what the position was, though it was preferred where his family was concerned. At this time, Kelynda was 11, and Jaesen was 7. He served there for six years before they asked him to teach at the Academy. Apparently, someone at the Academy had been reading the engineering papers he had published here and there and thought that the Engineering cadets could learn from him. As this would give his children (now 17 and 13) more stability, he agreed. He was given the rank of Commodore and relocated to Earth.

A year after he took this posting, his daughter Kelynda decided to join Starfleet like her father. She chose the medical and psychological sciences, though.

Richard taught several classes over the course of the next five years. The Academy Dean would have loved to keep him, but Starfleet Command had its own ideas. They again promoted him, this time to Rear Admiral, but the position was still on Earth. He was to be the new Head of Research and Development. This pleased him immensely! It was, in many ways, his dream job! He did not have as much concern for the stability of his family now as Kelynda was now 23 and well into her first year of command training anot to mention married -- he had very happily given her away at her wedding when she was 24 between the end of her Academy courses and the beginning of the Command School. And Jaeden was 19 and figuring out what he wanted to do. He knew he did not want to go to Starfleet, but he was trying things to find his place.

This began a new chapter for his family.